Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

Rashid Al Nuaimi Honors Competencies Who Won The International Green Flag Award


His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Municipality and Planning Department – Ajman, has honoured the Department’s dedicated talents who have played a significant role in the successful winning by The Science Al Ezz Avenue Park, and Al Raqayeb Forest Park in the Emirate of Ajman of the prestigious 2023 International Green Flag Award, which serves as a testament to the Department’s commitment to implementing the best global practices in the realm of green spaces, ensuring the well-being and happiness of all segments of society, while also striving for sustainability, pursuing our journey in 2024 and aligning with the state’s strategic objectives for comprehensive development.

His Highness emphasized that Ajman has transformed into a verdant emirate, adorned with parks, squares, facilities, and natural areas. The Department has implemented a comprehensive action plan to expand the green spaces and enhance efforts to qualify and classify the city’s facilities as world-class.

He highlighted that the emirate’s parks serve as exemplary models, encompassing all essential elements to ensure the well-being and happiness of individuals. These parks also serve as sanctuaries and recreational spaces for families and visitors. The competent cadre strive to transform the parks into places that preserve the environment and heritage, promoting a healthy and secure environment that fosters community engagement. This endeavour contributes to the emirate’s vision of creating a sustainable environment and a modern infrastructure that aligns with national benchmarks, guaranteeing the community’s well-being and happiness.

For his part, Mr Ahmed Saif Al Muhairi, the Director of the Department of Agriculture and Public Parks, emphasized that this achievement serves as a motivation to expand the number of gardens participating in the award this year. The goal is to ensure that these gardens meet the award’s criteria. He also commended the dedicated efforts of the staff in enhancing the quality of the emirate’s gardens.

Al Muhairi provided a comprehensive explanation to His Highness regarding the various stages of the award process, and how to fulfil all the conditions and criteria, which encompass 33 different aspects. These criteria focus on community services that cater to various segments of society, including children, families, the elderly, and youth. The Department showcased its participation by presenting Al Raqayeb and Science Forest Parks, both of which are renowned for meeting all visitor requirements and are classified as public parks and high-quality gardens.

It is worth noting that the International Award is an internationally recognized accreditation that promotes the quality of parks. Its aim is to encourage specialized management and the implementation of the highest standards in green spaces worldwide.