Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

Ensuring Holistic Sustainability 8335 Green Buildings in Ajman


The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman has reported a total of 8335 green buildings in the emirate that adhere to the green building standards for residential buildings, in accordance with the directives of the state and the methodologies followed in the Year of Sustainability. This initiative has been ongoing for two consecutive years and has yielded positive results. The mentioned number includes buildings that have been completed since the implementation of the first phase of the green building decision in 2018 until the end of 2023, as stated in the Department’s report.

Eng. Khalifa Abdullah Al Falasi, the Director of the Buildings Department, stated that the Municipality successfully met its green building targets for the previous year. This accomplishment was a result of the Municipality’s unwavering efforts to enhance energy efficiency, promote water conservation, and improve the overall liveliness of buildings. These efforts were achieved through the implementation of green building standards and requirements for new residential villas in the Emirate. These standards have been consistently applied over the years, contributing to the advancement of Ajman in various aspects and the optimal utilization of available resources, in alignment with the strategic objective of sustainable development in the building and construction sector.

Al Falasi emphasized that sustainability has become ingrained in all sectors as a way of working and living. We are dedicated to tirelessly pursuing our goals in alignment with our country’s vision and its clear strategy for 2024. This strategy places great importance on quality projects, particularly in the realm of green building, which has yielded positive outcomes in the recent past.

Furthermore, Al Falasi highlighted their objective of fostering a contented society that actively contributes to a green economy. “To achieve this, we strive to provide advanced and sustainable infrastructure that enables both residents and visitors to reduce carbon emissions in the emirate’s atmosphere. Our aim is to transform it into a healthy and appealing city”. Al Falasi also mentioned that our department has witnessed growth in the field of green construction.

Al Falasi emphasized that the Department has observed a favorable reaction from building owners and investors, who have complied with the enhanced requirements to enhance the efficiency of buildings in managing energy, water, materials, and waste, while mitigating the hazards associated with construction on human health and the environment.

Al Falasi further stated that the department is committed to implementing all COP28 recommendations, which encompass the adoption of innovative approaches in the realm of building and construction, with the aim of establishing a sustainable environment and a contemporary infrastructure that lays the foundation for Ajman’s future.