Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

Open data policy

Open data policy

Establishing the principle of transparency in disseminating knowledge and information to be accessible to all interested groups, we, the Municipality and Planning Department – Ajman , adopted the practice of open data, which is consider one of the leading practices, with the aim of continuous development in providing the correct data.

Definition of open data:

Open data is that data that anyone can freely use and without technical, financial or legal restrictions, as well as reuse and publish it, taking into account only two conditions: the percentage of rights to its owners, and the availability of data for sharing. .

The commitment of the Municipality and Planning Department through the policy:

The policy came with the aim of presenting the general guidelines that the department should adhere to in displaying open data on the website and based on the provisions of the guideline for open data specifications for government agencies in the United Arab Emirates, as follows:

  • Covering the published data, the services and activities of the depart men t, or the information of interest to the interested groups
  • Provide data sets for several years
  • Disseminating data sets in their raw form as much as possible, taking into account restrictions of privacy or confidentiality or any other restrictions.
For your inquiries , comments and to suggest a new set of data, please contact opendata@am.gov.ae