Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

Partners Portal

Partners Portal

The Municipality and Planning Department endeavors  to have sustainable partnership relationships based on Integrated interaction, mutual responsibility, and  trust and ensures the added value that supports  reaching mutual strategic goals, and to accrue mutual benefits to the two parties.

Such  relationship is activated through the effective communication channels, memorandums of understanding and agreements targeting the identification of the framework of the relationship and obligations with Partners.

Accordingly, the relationship has been assessed based on approved standards to be developed annually, and aims at the continuous development and enhancement of the performance of the Department with the Partners and its effectiveness.

  1. It is associated with the MPDA’s strategy, services and operations.
  2. It contributes to achieving added and premium value for society and customers.
  3. It contributes to achieving the sustainability strategy, its values and pillars.
  4. It is related to the approved areas of the partnership; environment and its development, infrastructure and facilities, food safety, hygiene, customer services, social responsibility, administrative, legal and technical systems.
  5. It has a high degree of influence and importance, based on its association with the MPDA's strategy, services and operations.
  6. It shares with the MPDA the exchange of experiences, information, knowledge, or cumulative gained experiences.
  7. It shares with the MPDA the exchange of financial, technical and human resources and assets.
  8. It studies the risks of the partnership.

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