Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

Privacy Policy

Our Valued Customer, 

Because your personal data privacy concerns us, we have established our privacy policy to guarantee and protect your personal information.  This is stated in the official website of Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman. It explains the way of data gathering, its management and how data is being used while browsing our website. 

Data Gathering and Usage

We do not collect any personal information about users upon using our website. But we may collect some data for data analysis purposes using statistical tools and programs, to define the number of website visitors and the most visited websites’ screens. Collected data may help us in determining the customer happiness level on using the website, and other data. However, this will have nothing to do with user’s personal information identification. 

Furthermore, we may use the user’s personal information at RASSED service for  the purpose of answering and following up the user’s  inquiries, questions, suggestions and complaints. 

Commitment to Personal Information Protection: 

We will  insure protection of the user’s  personal information. We are committed to not share, sell, or give your personal information to a third party without your consent, and we will not allow sharing of  information except by Ajman Municipality & Planning Department employees who need to access this information. The employees have commitment towards information privacy and  security. 

Data Protection: 

A number of procedures and substantial electronic management measures have been taken in order to guarantee data collection, storage and processing in a secure way. All sensitive data will be encrypted;  other data will also be protected and any illegal attempt to compromise our app will be prevented. 


Privacy Policy Updates: 

Our privacy policy might be updated from time to time. Such updates would be shared and highlighted at our website. Users will be notified of  these  updates, so we advise the users to visit our app privacy policy section regularly for those updates. 


Privacy Breach 

Ajman Municipality website will  inform all users of any privacy breach of  the collected or stored data and any security issue that may affect their privacy.