Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

11,163,747 cubic meters amount of treated wastewater used in agriculture, MPDA’s 2023 report


The Municipality and Planning Department – Ajman (MPDA) announced that the treated wastewater used in agriculture amounted to 11,163,747 cubic meters, according to the MPDA’s 2023 year.


In this context, Engineer Khalid Moeen Al Hosani, Executive Director of the Public Health and Environment Sector, asserted that the MPDA aims to keep its projects and work in line with the UAE Water Security Strategy 2036, geared towards ensuring the sustainability and continuity of access to water during natural conditions and extreme emergencies, by adopting methodologies that ensure achieving the desired goal, the most important of which is the reuse of the treated wastewater. He noted that the MPDA is eager for achievement of the sustainable development goals, optimal use of resources, and achievement of the strategic goal of promoting integrated waste management.


The MPDA has been working on extending irrigation lines that feed various agricultural projects in the Emirate of Ajman with treated wastewater, which includes ornamental horticulture projects and agriculture related to development projects, Eng. Al Hosani said.


The MPDA has made successive achievements in the reuse of water resource, and provided a qualitative experience in cooperation with the Ajman Sewerage Company, to treat the wastewater and reuse under specific plans, Eng. Al Hosani added.


The MPDA adopts the treatment process within the tertiary treatment, which is one of the latest technologies used in the field of wastewater treatment, Eng. Al Hosani said, noting that when the process is complete, samples are drawn to ensure the quality of the treated water according to international standards and specifications.