Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

To enhance sustainability“ Shut Off Engine”.. MPDA’s call for environment protection


The Municipality and Planning Department – Ajman (MPDA) has launched the “Shut Off Engine” initiative, to push drivers of all-type vehicles to shut off their vehicle’s engines when at timer-based traffic lights turn red, and restart them when lights turn green, a step that enhances comprehensive sustainability and its application in various walks of life.


For his part, Dr. Eng. Mohammad Ahmad bin Omair Al Muhairi, MPDA’s Executive Director Infrastructure Development Sector, pointed out that the MPDA embraces all qualitative ideas and initiatives geared towards advancing sustainable development, consistent with the State’s vision and directions to ensure sustainability, especially while continuing its journey into 2024, noting that every society member significantly contributes to achieving desired goals.


Shut Off Engine gives car drivers the opportunity to actively take part in supporting sustainability, Al Muhairi said, adding that the MPDA decided to carry out the non-mandatory initiative in moderate climates to motivate society to apply it. Modern and environmentally friendly vehicles enable their users to shut off engines easily and restart them in few seconds, a matter which achieves the best results, he noted.


Omair said that Shut off Engine will bring a myriad of positive effects, including cleanliness of environment by contributing to curbing exhaust gas emissions, reducing noise pollution resulting from deceleration when engine is off, and reducing fuel consumption.


The MPDA calls on residents and visitors of Ajman to synergize positively with the initiative, stressing how important for all to cooperate and act responsibly towards whatever is related to environment to ensure sustainability.