Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

The Municipal Department of Ajman Launches the Technology of Artificial Intelligence “ChatGPT” in all its Digital Channels


The First Municipality in the World and the First at the Level of the Emirate’s Departments

The Municipal Department of Ajman Launches the Technology of Artificial Intelligence “ChatGPT” in all its Digital Channels


The Municipality & Planning Department of Ajman launched the technology of artificial intelligence “ChatGPT” developed by Open AI on all its digital channels i.e., the website and the smart application. This came in conjunction with the month of innovation, to be the first municipality in the world and the first at the level of departments of the emirate in adopting the use of modern technologies, in light of its continuous efforts to enhance its pioneering role in the march of digital transformation.


In this regard, His Excellency Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi the Director-General of the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman, stressed that the Department is constantly seeking, by relying on its national cadres, to translate the directives of the rational government in benefiting from modern technologies, and enhancing its use in the digital services provided to customers and employees, in a way that contributes to achieving the best results and achievement of transactions in record time and anywhere.


His Excellency continued that the Department adopted the application of the ChatGPT Technology, which is a conversation robot as one of the artificial intelligence applications, to simulate the human mind to speak by responding to questions and inquiries, supported by deep learning technology, which is characterized by accuracy and speed and helping the human element in forming accurate content, and creating texts that respond to their needs, depending on a huge built database, by reducing time and effort.


For his part, Khalid Ahmed Al-Hosani, Executive Director of the Support Services Sector in the Department, said that the ambitious competencies in the Department have completed the application of this innovative technology, to be available through the virtual assistant Ajmani in the channels of the website www.am.gov.ae  and the MPDA smart application, through which it responds to customer inquiries automatically, indicating that ChatGPT technology is a strong source of information and automatic responses to various questions.


Al -Hosani added that “ChatGPT” provides an effective response feature to the questions provided by users and benefit from the model that is able to interact with users through the conversation, including answering questions of different degrees and effective response to complex inquiries from them, and can also be used in several areas Such as marketing, education and technical support.


For her part, Hind Al -Shamsi, Director of the Department of Smart Services Development in the department, explained that non-stop efforts are being exerted to facilitate procedures for the customers and make them an integral part of the Department’s work, communicate with them and reach them positively, stressing that the Department adopts the best modern technologies to improve and raise the efficiency of government services and capabilities, and keep pace with accelerated progress in the era of digital transformation.