Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

The First Festival of Type in the Arabian Gulf & Middle East


Ajman Film Biennale to Kick-Off on Monday, 1 March 2022,

Organized by Ajman Municipality & Planning Department and

City Space Architecture, Bologna, Italy, in Partnership with

Dubai Design District (DDD)


Ajman Municipality & Planning Department announced its completion of all preparations for the kick-off of Ajman Film Biennale on Monday, 14 March 2022 at Expo 2022, under the organization of the Department and City Space Architecture, Bologna, Italy, and partnership with Dubai Design District (DDD).


This took place in a press conference that was held by the Department to announce the agenda of the festival, which is the first of type in the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East, as it is intended to begin with the display of a collection of films at Dubai Export on next 14 March, while the second group will be displayed at Dubai Design District (DDD) on 15 March, up to the last day at Ajman Municipality & Planning Department on 16 March 2022.


In this regard, Dr. Eng. Mohammed Ahmed bin Omair Al Muhairi, the Department’s Executive Director of the Infrastructure Development Sector, emphasized: “The Department cares for the engagement of the media in all the qualitative events, conferences and events that are launched by the Department, as they are the partners of success and a significant platform of progress in the road of advancement and continuity.”


Dr. Eng. Bin Omair continued: “Biennale’s theme is crystalized in the display of short films on the outstanding projects of sustainable development throughout the world, as this event is launched under the banner “urban visions of architecture and the future of cities” so that it would be an attractive world event for visitors and specialists in this field, and to enhance the touristic attractiveness and competitiveness of the Emirate.”


Architecture: A Bright Image of Civilization


From her side, Dr. Luisa Bravo, the Founder & President of City Space Architecture, stated: “The Emirate of Ajman has become today a pioneering event city in all fields and it working hard for the dissemination and embracement of beauty. Furthermore, it believes in the significance of contemporary architecture along with the preservation of ancient history, authentic identity, and traditional legacy. Therefore, it is forging its present architecture from the landmarks of the past, the language of the present, and the aspirations of the future.” She conveyed her pride of the partnership with the Municipality Department for launching Ajman Biennale, which gives various images of the actual reality of cities and communities in the UAE and throughout the world.”


In her role, Eng. Alia Mejlad Al Shamsi, the Chairman of the Department’s Urban Observatory and the Head of Ajman Biennale Project Team, talked about the details of the festival, as: “The Department has organized a competition for professionals and amateurs to take part in short films about cities and their development. The competition consists of several categories: the films of professionals and specialists on architecture and the future of cities in various countries of the world, the films of professionals and specialists on architecture and the future of cities in the UAE or the city of Ajman, the films of beginners and students on architecture and the future of cities in various countries of the world, in addition to the films of beginners and students on architecture and the future of cities in the UAE or the city of Ajman.”


Al Shamsi stated: “The festival aims to identify the type of the urban issues and innovated solutions for reaching the future, to enhance dialogue between the various cultures and nationalities that live together in various global cities, to increase public awareness of architectural engineering and the urban design of general spaces, and to focus on a common vision on welfare and the quality of life in the future by the study, dissemination and sharing of architecture and urban culture.”


Al Shamsi stated: “All participating films will be evaluated by a specialized judging committee of 6 persons, 3 of whom are pioneers in the field of filmmaking and content writing, and the other 3 of whom are consultants in the field of architecture.”


Al Shamsi ended the conference by her invitation to take part in the festival that aims to enhance the role of art and architecture, urban design and planning, and knowledge exchange.