Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

Rashid bin Humaid Ramadan Majlis 1st session opens with Holy Qur’an Approach to Consolidating Values


The Rashid Bin Humaid Ramadan Majlis opened its first session with “The Holy Qur’an’s Approach to Consolidating Values,” session, under the patronage and presence of His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Municipality and Planning Department – Ajman, and with the participation of His Excellency Dr. Omar Habtoor Al Darei, Chairman of the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments, and His Excellency Dr. Khalifa Al Dhaheri, Director of Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities, and Dr. Maria Al Hatali, Director of Research Support Department at Mohamed Bin Zayed University for Humanities.


At the beginning of the session, His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid welcomed the guests of honor and attendees who were keen to be present in the Majlis, which brings together experts, specialists, thinkers and decision-makers, and people of knowledge in an assembly and platform that presents multiple topics on religion, Sharia, youth, culture, sports, future sciences and the space industry, to exchange experiences and review bright experiences in various walks of life.


His Highness stated that the first session discusses an important topic with an all-time impact, as the constant and eternal reference for Muslims is the Wise Qur’an and its established values and principles that help Muslims through the journey of life.


TV Presenter Khaled Al Marzouqi moderated the religious lecture, which eyed large attendance and interaction from the guests.


Sustainability of Values

For his part, His Excellency Dr. Omar Habtoor Al-Darei said that the Majlis sessions are an extension of the Prophet’s Sunnah, the Arab gatherings, and the Emirati Sunnah, as they are the most important forums for meeting and discussing all topics, and the best to speak and remind of is the Holy Qur’an. The most important elements of sustainability are the sustainability of the values derived from the Holy Qur’an, His Excellency said, appreciating the session that discusses an important topic that humans need in all the details of their day to achieve positive results through the journey of life, His Excellency said.


Human Values

For his part, His Excellency Dr. Khalifa Al Dhaheri said that the Holy Qur’an is distinguished by being valid for all times and places, as it is compatible with all minds and includes human values that every single human agrees upon. The one who carefully navigates through the pages of the Holy Qur’an finds that principles, values and morals are fundamental issues, as values are firmly established in its chapters and verses speaking of mercy, faith knowledge and wisdom, His Excellency said.


Peace, Citizenship Values

For her part, Dr. Maria Al-Hatali spoke about the values of peace and citizenship, noting that the value of peace is great and perhaps the greatest. The Holy Qur’an deals with this value precisely and objectively, taking into account the cultural change that occurs over time, as peace begins with family peace and extends to society then reaches the whole world. The value of citizenship is the most beautiful, as a person is a partner of their country in body and soul, Dr. Maria added..


Guest Participation

The session wrapped up with discussion with the attendees who appreciated such a Ramadan majlis that opens horizons of science and knowledge on various topics.