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Rashid bin Humaid Majlis wraps up its Ramadan evenings with sports one


The Rashid bin Humaid Ramadan Majlis  wrapped up its various evenings with a sports evening, in the presence and participation of His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Municipality and Planning Department – Ajman (MPDA), Vice President of the Olympic Committee, and in the presence of experienced State’s sports officials and media professionals.

The evening was moderated by TV Presenter Yaqoub Al Saadi, Director of Abu Dhabi Sports Channels.

First of all, His Highness welcomed the attendees, appreciating their great efforts in various sports, non-stopping quest for qualitative achievements and raising the UAE Flag in all forums, stressing that achieving the improvement and development desired comes thanks to intensified efforts, cohesion of goals, and adoption of innovative ideas.

Serving the Homeland in vital sectors
His Highness recalled his experience as president of the Football Association, noting that the work in the Association featured reliance on integrated plans, follow-up of local, regional and global participation, and joint cooperation to raise the level of sports.

His Highness went on to talk about the Olympic Committee, which is an umbrella bringing underneath all association, stressing that work in the Committee is a strategic supervisory work to outline long-term strategic plans, discover and support talents. “Our role is to support the associations to hone talents and take them towards the right path,” His highness said.

Challenges create opportunities
His Highness said that the most fundamental challenge in the way of sports sectors is developing the comprehensive system in light of the small population in the State compared to populations in competitors, noting that the challenge lies in proportion and ratio, as the population census affects the number of talents and international stars embraced by the State.

His Highness added that there is no one specific taken by the public in the State, given the multiple and diverse nationalities and different sporting tastes, imposing a major challenge in finding a sport attracting all. Challenges should be opportunities and we should focus on diverse sports and honing relevant brilliant talents capable of making international accomplishments, His highness explained.

Five sports
His Highness noted that adopting vital ideas is a basic basis for achieving improvement, explaining that work was coordinated between the General Authority of Sports with the support of Sheikh Suhail bin Butti, and with the follow-up of Dr. Ahmed Falasi, to choose five sports to focus on. “We launched the Emirates Committee for Elite and High-Level Sports, where we recruited experts and specialists to develop intensive programs to get athletes to international levels, and today we take pride in the presence of Safia Al-Sayegh, who has been qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympics,” His Highness added.

His Highness said that showing determination and persistence, joining sports at a very young age, and attending intensive specialized courses in cooperation with the school to hone talents, will achieve positive results beyond expectations, adding, “We have global examples and practices that can be applied to achieve the best.”

Our ambitions go beyond reality
During the Majlis, His Highness spoke about the reality of sports in the State, noting that ambitions and aspirations go beyond what is achieved, a matter which gives a positive motivation and incentive to work hard in a professional manner, to continuously strive to adopt the best experiences and translate them into a concrete reality, to follow the methodology of flexibility and to attract useful ideas.

“The UAE has extraordinary talented residents, who feel a sense of belonging to our soil and have been living in it since their early childhood. They are ready to serve and benefit it with their distinctive talents,” His Highness said, noting that supporting the resident player is an efficient project, as “we have competencies and talents that need support and assistance to achieve international successes”.

Discussions and proposals
Attendees presented a myriad of proposals and ideas for developing sports in the State, stressing the available great opportunities and continuous support for effective competition and securing first places at the forefront of countries making successes in various sports.