Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

Rashid bin Humaid Majlis 2nd session held, themed “How advanced technology shapes future”


The Rashid Bin Humaid Ramadan Majlis continues to hold its Ramadan sessions, as the session two was held under the theme of “How advanced technology shapes future”, under the patronage and presence of His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Municipality and Planning Department – Ajman, and with the participation of Professor Mohammad Al Qasim, Director of Dubai Future Academy, and Dr. Ibtisam Al Mazrouei, artificial intelligence and advanced technology expert, and founder of AIE3. The session eyed the presence of experts and specialists.


At the beginning of the session, His Highness welcomed the audience, explaining that everyone is looking to the future with optimism and hope, seeking opportunities. “We are in a country led by a wise leadership caring about the future and making every forward- looking effort to keep pace with developed countries and achieve leadership,” His Highness said, explaining that the responsibility for preparing for the future is shared by all.


His Highness noted that modern technologies and artificial intelligence have become part and parcel of all life details, stressing the forward-looking importance, optimal preparation for life, identifying challenges and turning them into opportunities and possibilities.


All countries are heading towards the forward-looking path and identifying what sectors will be like.


TV Presenter Mohammed Al Kaabi, Executive Director of the Ajman Government Media Office, moderated the session, which saw large attendance and active participation from all, stressing that such a Majlis is the best place for exchanging knowledge, transferring experience, discussing various sectors of life, searching for challenges, attracting solutions, reading the past, studying reality, and moving towards a better future for all.


Journey into Future

For his part, Professor Mohammad Al Qasim talked about modern technologies, software and robots that will undertake different roles in the future that some may think a kind of fantasy, but they will be a tangible reality. He touched on the developed experiments in predicting the health condition of humans according to AI-based readings, and predicting the condition of plants, and others.


Professor Al Qasim talked about the experience of organ transplantation, which we may see soon, as a bladder was transplanted successfully. Modern technologies will achieve results beyond expectations, improve life quality and create an environment of competition between peoples and nations to achieve excellence and leadership, Professor Al Qasim said..


The participation of Professor Al Qasim gave many examples and experiences. He explained that future is a journey that we should all prepare for, shape its features, and adopt a clear vision of an ideal life for all.


Generative AI

For her part, Dr. Ibtisam Al Mazrouei spoke about generative artificial intelligence, which is concerned with generating texts, images, and videos. The past period eyed a boom as a result of the big data, Dr. Ibtisam said, adding: “Today, we see innovative models, including the Falcon and the Noor model.”


Dr. Ibtisam wondered: What’s next to AI?! She noted that the current and future stage includes building huge models and harnessing them to serve important sectors, including health, education, and gas, relying on available data.


Generative AI requires adopting competencies, skills, and talents encouraged n cooperation with leading entities, Dr. Ibtisam said, noting that the most important skills to focus on are fine tuning and reinforcement learning by using human resources and the human mind.


Many files related to modern technologies and artificial intelligence were presented during the session. Great interaction was eyed from the attendees who appreciated the topic which examines vital topics covering all aspects of life.