Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

Rashid bin Humaid Emphasizes: “The Department’s personnel accept nothing else than excellence in all fields.”


During His Awarding of the Departments Entitled to Global Awards:

Rashid bin Humaid Emphasizes: “The Department’s personnel accept nothing else than excellence in all fields.”

H.H. Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, the Chairman of Ajman Municipality & Planning Department, awarded the departments that have enabled the Department to earn global awards, including the Stevie Award for sales and customer service, the Stevie Award for Middle East & North Africa (MENA), and the American Harvard Award.


His Highness conveyed his pride of the ambitious personnel of the Customer Happiness Sector, who have earned 4 Stevie awards for sales and customer service, winning the golden award in the individual category of customer service and communication center for the best customer service director of the current year, 2022, the silver award in the same field for the best backline customer service professional, and the golden award for the best customer service booklet, in addition to the best recovery customer service team award.


His Highness appreciated the efforts of the ambitious personnel in the Supporting Services Sector, represented by the Smart Services Development Department and the Financial Affairs Department, which have both enabled the Department to win two MENA Stevie Awards of the current year, 2022.


His Highness said: “Efforts are being made throughout the year for the accomplishment of the best and proceeding in the road of advancement and prosperity. Therefore, the hard work has resulted in winning the award in the field of innovation in technology development of the public sector for the digital signature project. Furthermore, the Department has earned the award of the financial field for the financial performance indicators project, which is awarded by those who are in charge of the organization of the global award, which intends to award the major and pioneering organizations and entities in the field of innovation and business development.”


His Highness stated: “The Department adds these successes to its outstanding record of excellence, as the qualified personnel of the Financial Affairs Department were able to win the most innovative financial planning award of the Harvard Board’s Award, which aims to demonstrate the efforts being made for progress in the domain of innovation and creativity.”


His Highness stated: “Our ambitious personnel were able to pass all the awards’ stages, as all the Department’s sectors are operating hand-in-hand for the achievement of the best and to ensure the attainment of the required indicators and exceeding expectations. The Department adopts clear methodologies and practical methods in all fields of innovation, customer happiness, and strategic planning, serving the interest of the citizen, the resident and the visitor, as well as yielding their positive impacts on all aspects of life.”