Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

MPDA wraps up activities within Ajman government’s Our Happy Summer


The Municipality and Planning Department-Ajman (MPDA) wrapped up its activities organized within the framework of Ajman government’s summer program “Our Happy Summer”, in its fourth session, targeting 260 participants, to prepare a creative generation with vision for future and innovation in line with its strategic goal of ensuring the quality of life and happiness of society.

In this vein, Mr. Ibrahim Samra Al-Shehhi, MPDA’s Director of Communication and Community Department and head of the summer program’s activities team, referred to the MPDA’s interest in active participation in the summer program every year and clear plan of action to hone the skills and hobbies of children and the younger generation, provide them with knowledge and information that enable them to excel in technologies and languages of life, open horizons for innovation and creativity for them, and highlight their talents and energies to deliver distinct successes.

Al-Shehhi voiced his thanks and gratitude to the organizer of the government summer program, which continues to provide successive successes in each session and works to intensify the efforts of institutions and agencies and enhance their cooperation to serve the community by focusing on the important segment.

The MPDA organized The Little Coder Program 2023, which included the track of smart applications, the track of robotics design, the track of 3D printing, the track of financial technologies in the blockchain and the track of metaverse technology, targeting age groups from 10 to 15 years, to develop the skills of students on the concept of innovation management and the mechanism of work of innovative projects, and to make them familiar with the most important future technologies and smart applications, Al-Shehhi noted.

Al-Shehhi added that the workshops, activities, and training and interactive programs were organized all over Ajman, including the city of Ajman, Masfout and Manama regions. He referred to The Little Geographic targeted children in three regions, in addition to The Little Engineer and introductory workshops on how to properly dispose of electronic waste, The Little Agricultural Engineer, The Comprehensive Inspector, The Small Lab Analyst and Sustainability Program.

Al-Shehhi said that the events included 13 training programs totaling 168 training hours, expressing his happiness at the active participation and keenness of the students and their families to join useful and positive activities that enrich their knowledge, enhance their awareness and help them arm themselves with skills and techniques, as the students presented 51 outputs and projects.