Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

MPDA wins Arabia CSR Award in Large Public Sector Institutions category

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155 participating parties from 12 countries


The Municipality and Planning Department – Ajman (MPDA) won the Arabia Corporate Social Responsibility (SCR) Award, in the category of Large Public Sector Institutions, in recognition of its efforts and tireless pursuit to achieve the best results in this vital field.


This came during the Arabia Corporate Social Responsibility Network (ACSN)’s 16th session ceremony, with remarkable participation of entities, departments and institutions.

Engineer Noura Rashid Shattaf, MPDA’s Executive Director of the Strategy and Customer Happiness Sector, received the award’s shield and certificate, voicing her pride in the MPDA’s winning of the award, competed for by 155 entities from 12 countries. The award crowns the MPDA’s efforts and non-stopping work in the field of social responsibility and values its projects, activities and initiatives geared towards ensuring quality of life and community happiness, she noted


Shattaf went on saying that the MPDA has a strategic vision, mission and values that serve every individual in society. It also developed a special strategy on sustainability in 2019, to build a sustainable future for Ajman, achieving comprehensive economic, social and environmental development.


The MPDA aligns all its plans with the sustainable development goals, establishing a clear assessment of environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities as part of enterprise risk management operations and business continuity planning processes. It’s work is also consistent with all national, regional and sectoral sustainability initiatives, Shattaf noted.


The MPDA believes in the importance of integration with all parties and the involvement of stakeholders, thus seeking to strengthen shared cooperation in events and initiatives to establish social responsibility values and achieve the best results, she added.


For her part, Rehab Ikhlasi, Chair of the MPDA’s Award Work Team, described the award as a positive incentive to continue the story of success and progress in all social responsibility areas, and supports achieving the best. The MPDA has always sought to feature its positive image in the field of addressing society and shed light on its around-the-clock work to protect the environment and preserve its resources, and its efforts aimed at achieving sustainability and comprehensive development, she said.


The second sustainability report contributed to covering all the requirements of the award’s form, achieving the MPDA’s leadership.