Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

MPDA brings down companies transporting sand without permit


The Municipality and Planning Department – Ajman (MPDA announced it brought down trucks belonging to myriad companies transporting sand without a permit. The violating trucks were fined, impounded, and confiscated, as part of its continued monitoring of acts violating the pre-established rules and regulations. Transporting sand without obtaining the required permits is fined no less than 3,000 dirhams and the trucks involved will be impounded, the MPDA stressed.


Work shall continue for fining vehicles used or companies involved for unpermitted operation, and fine shall be doubled when violation is repeated, the MPDA said, noting that the vehicles involved will be impounded and confiscated.


The MPDA said that its cadres work regularly to spread positive culture and raise awareness of the consequences of the indiscriminate exploitation of sand, which is a natural resource that should be preserved and requires regulated use.


It asserted that its RASID Department intensifies field monitoring campaigns 24\7 to ensure compliance with laws, calling for obtaining the necessary approvals and permits to transport landfill sand, and reporting violations.