Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

In a Cost of AED 4.5 Million: Ajman Municipality Department Completes the Construction Project of Asphalt Roads in Manama


Ajman Municipality & Planning Department has completed the construction project of roads in the city of Manama in a cost of AED 4.5 million, in the course of the Department’s efforts for the provision of an integrated infrastructure throughout all the areas of the Emirates in order to meet the demographic and urban expansion needs of the Emirate, enhance the quality of life, and meet the targets of the strategic indicators of the Emirate.


In this regard, Salem Abdullah bin Ghleidha, the Director-General of Manama Municipality, stated: “The Department has completed a collection of new asphalt roads to provide easy and comfortable access for the residents of the area. The project goes in line with the Department’s plan for the development and improvement of infrastructure and takes place in consistency with the 2040 Urban Plan of the Emirate.”


Bin Ghleidha continued: “The project goes along with the Department’s objectives for the provision of all the elements of welfare and prosperous life for everybody.”