Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

First ever across Ajman Government level, MPDA launches “Massar” for institutional operation management


The Municipality and Planning Department – Ajman (MPDA) launched E-Program for Managing Institutional Operations, “Massar”, which is one the best e-systems in managing operations, serving as the first ever across the Ajman Government.


In this vein, Engineer Noura Rashid Shattaf, MPDA’s Executive Director of the Strategy and Customer Happiness Sector, confirmed that the MPDA is satisfied only with excellence and actively seeks, counting on ambitious competencies, to achieve the desired development and improvement and continue the march of prosperity and excellence in various fields.


The MPDA is launching today the Massar Program, geared towards classifying and structuring operations according to the American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC)’s system. It also supports principles of accountability and transparency, along with facilitating the completion of tasks, accelerating access to information, and helping employees complete their operation-related works, Shattaf noted.


Work is underway to adopt smart systems that take part in achieving the best results and keeping pace with the MPDA’s aspirations for leadership and excellence. Massar, which embodies an integrated system for building work models, will contribute to upgrading the work system and advancing the wheel of continuous development, Shattaf added.