Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

During the third quarter of 2022 Rassed Handles 1,804 Complaints and Reports in Providing Services to Community in Ajman



The Municipal Control and Inspection Department “Rassed” managed to deal immediately with 1,107 complaints and handle 697 reports, responding to 739 service requests during the third quarter of 2022, all received through the hotline number 80070 and Ajman Municipality and Planning Department’s smart application (MPDA).

In this regard, Mr. Mohamed Abdul Wahab Al-Khaja, Director of the Municipal Control and Inspection Department, stressed that Rassed seeks to preserve the general appearance and the aesthetic and ideal image of the Emirate, indicating that the staff receive public feedback around the clock and continue their oversight tasks in the Operations and Communication Center and the field personnel intensify their oversight work to all the regions of the Emirate of Ajman.

Al-Khaja indicated that Rassed team monitors the negative practices, deals with all cases in professional manner, carries out inspection around the clock, and seeks to preserve the health and safety of community, provide community services to the public, and educate the community and raise awareness among its members as well.

Al-Khaja explained that the Department is seeking to achieve the desired strategic goals of developing infrastructure and completing operations in a record time, taking into account the environment, health and safety requirements.

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