Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

During the Fourth Forum for Decorating Entities with 5 Stars Ajman Municipality Department Honors Outstanding Engineering Consultancy Offices and Construction Contractors in the Emirate and Sign a MOU with the UAE Society of Engineers


The Department of Municipality and Planning in Ajman honored the outstanding engineering consulting offices and construction contractors in the Emirate of Ajman for obtaining a five-star rating. This came during the fourth forum on the star rating system for classifying establishments engaged in development and construction field, and honoring the distinguished best practices in the field of construction contracting and engineering consultancy activities at the level of Emirate of Ajman.

In this regard, His Excellency Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Department, confirmed that the Department seeks unceasingly to enhance positive competition between all entities and institutions operating in the Emirate of Ajman, to provide the best and advance the continuing urban development and construction. He indicated that the Department decided in the fourth forum to shed light on best practices and award those eligible non-fungible tokens (NFT), in support and enhancement of the efforts made to advance the emirate in various fields.

The Department announced the honoring of the consulting offices, where Proarc Architects & Engineering Consultants and Al Sahel Engineering Consultants were awarded five-star rating and NFTs, whereas Al-Kindi, Al Turath Al Omrani, and Design offices were awarded the five-star rating and were honored for providing outstanding practices at the level of engineering consulting activities. IG Design, Al Nakheel, Next, and Mazaya offices also received a five-star rating, whilst Hilm ALMostaqbal and Alemad Engineering Consultancy received the honor of the office that provided outstanding practices at the level of engineering consulting activities.

His Excellency honored the construction contractors that received the five-star rating and NFTs, and provided outstanding practices at the level of construction contracting activities. Al Zamalek General Contracting Company and Gulf Asia Contracting deserved the honor, while Al Rehab was awarded the five-star rating and NFTs. Prestige Constructions and Al Sondos Constructions received the five-star rating and were honored for the best distinguished practices. Also, Al Dowailah, Alghanim, Al Sobki, Al Tameer and Bu Hameed were honored for the distinguished practices in implementation and compliance with quality and safety.

The ceremony for classifying consulting offices and contractors was attended by directors of local and private entities and organizations in the emirate, the executive directors, all consulting offices and contractors, and the media.

His Excellency said that the Emirate of Ajman is an ambitious emirate that is only satisfied with leadership and that there is no place in it except for excellence and excellency, under a wise leadership that believes in the value of embracing creative people and encouraging people of great minds and everyone who contributes to comprehensive development and integrated renaissance.

His Excellency praised the results achieved by the classification system for engineering consulting offices and construction contractors in the emirate, as it worked to introduce every individual in society to the best entities working in the field of construction and development, and also enhanced the competitiveness among them to achieve the best and advance their work, which resulted in raising the value of investments in the emirate and in advancing Economy.

His Excellency said that organizing the forum for the fourth consecutive time demonstrates its success in achieving the desired goal of its launch, to be a catalyst for progress, a support for applicants, and a compass for those wishing to achieve leadership in the field of excellence and prosperity. He explained that engineering consulting offices and construction contractors are an integral part of the comprehensive development system in the emirate, and they are the Department’s strategic partners in the success and prosperity process.

His Excellency congratulated all those who managed to achieve excellence, while urging the rest to intensify efforts, identify challenges, follow the leadership approach, adhere to the requirements and strive to make achievements so as to excel in the upcoming classification cycles.

For his part, Dr. Eng. Mohammed Ahmed bin Omair Al Muhairi, Executive Director of the Infrastructure Development Sector at the Department, expressed his pleasure at meeting again at the fourth consultants and Contractors star rating Forum, praising everyone’s keenness to adhere to the best standards and improve the level of service delivery. He indicated that the Department is currently witnessing a noticeable increase in the number of entities working in the vital field.

The Department looks forward to the day when all engineering consulting offices and contracting companies in Ajman will be decorated with 5 stars”, Dr. M. bin Omair added. He stressed that everyone is up to the level of trust and responsibility, as all parties work hand in hand to make the Emirate of Ajman a distinguished top-prominent emirate.

For his part, Eng. Khalifa Abdullah Al Falasi, the Department’s Director of the Building Department, announced the development model of classification criteria, which will be applied in the coming sessions as part of the Department’s quest to achieve sustainable development of the construction sector, and its keenness on permanent development and continuous improvement in all its projects, where the criteria for classifying engineering consulting offices include office readiness, training and development, compliance with building regulations and strategy, in addition to the building design quality standard, which is a new standard related to the overall appearance of the building, its quality and commitment to the human dimension. He also talked about the standards for contracting offices, including office readiness, strategy and compliance with the building regulations with regard to contracting offices and their employees.

Eng. Al Falasi said “The Department is proud of the star rating system, which achieved positive competitiveness between engineering consulting offices and contracting companies in the Emirate of Ajman, and worked to improve the quality of project implementation and contributed to applying the best designs and enhancing visual coordination in the emirate, stressing the right of every individual in society to be informed of the best entities in the building and construction sector. The Department also seeks to honor those who deserve to be an ideal model for distinguished work”.

The consulting offices appreciated the Department’s efforts and keenness to evaluate those eligible, having adopted the principle of transparency in evaluation and held intensive courses for the offices and field visits to familiarize them with the methods that must be followed.

The forum included the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Ajman Municipality and Planning Department and the UAE Society of Engineers. The MOU was signed on behalf of the Department by Dr. Engineer Mohammed Al Muhairi, and on behalf of the Society of Engineers by its Secretary-Genera, Eng. Rashad Muhammad Bukhash.

Eng. Rashad Muhammad Bukhash stressed the importance of the MOU in enhancing cooperation and coordination with the Department in the engineering field and joint work areas, which reflects the keenness of government agencies in the various emirates of the State to establish principles of cooperation and exchange experiences and expertise to achieve the strategies and initiatives of the UAE, achieve sustainable prosperity and keep pace with the continuing development process so as to build integrated and sustainable urban communities.

The MOU includes organizing training courses for engineers of the Municipality and Planning Department in the Emirate of Ajman and exchanging experiences and knowledge, in addition to coordinating mutual field visits, as well as testing the engineers of consulting offices and contracting companies and classifying them based on their experience according to the work permitted heights, and cooperating to implement future community initiatives and projects.