Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

During leadership retreat, Rashid bin Humaid praises MPDA’s forward-looking plan and its strategy aimed at ensuring life quality


His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Municipality and Planning Department – Ajman (MPDA), praised the Department’s forward-looking plan and its strategies geared towards ensuring life quality, community happiness, and achieving best results whose impact is felt by all.


This came during a leadership retreat to discuss the MPDA’s draft strategic plan 2030, aligned with the directions of the Emirate of Ajman’s Vision 2030, saw the patronage and presence of His Highness, and with the participation of His Excellency Abdul Rahman Mohammad Al Nuaimi, MPDA’s Director General, executive directors, department directors, experts and specialists, which was held in the GHAF Council.


Around-the-clock Improvement

His Highness praised the efforts exerted by the MPDA’s qualified competencies, which perform as one family whose tasks are integrated and cooperate with one another to achieve the goals desired, noting that the past period has eyed a qualitative leap in providing exemplary services that reach the customer anytime and anywhere, relying on harnessing cutting-edge technologies and artificial intelligence systems.


His Highness emphasized that the around-the-clock improvement

and the desired development should go on, saying, “We have made a myriad of achievements, but our ambition is still greater, as there is no ceiling for creativity, development, and hard work to provide a perfect life for every member of society,” calling on sectors to process requests 100% without human intervention, and to take down attachments to zero.


His Highness pointed out that fully identifying the customer’s needs should be a priority achieved by activating all digital connections with partners so as to improve services, their efficiency and raise their quality. Going on with excellence and prosperity requires keeping pace with the current era and its accelerating requirements and creating holistic and positive change at all levels, His Highness noted.


Full alignment with the State’s strategy

For his part, His Excellency Abdul Rahman Al Nuaimi said that the MPDA’s  strategy 2019-2023 has been able to establish clear frameworks and methodologies to ensure sustainability, develop an integrated infrastructure, increase the green area, and pay attention to the health and safety of society, adding that results and data reinforce the MPDA’s  position and its role in bringing about holistic and integrated development in Ajman and pushing the wheel of economy, investment and prosperity in various walks of life.


The MPDA’s strategy is consistent with the strategies of the government and the State and their desired goals, His Excellency said.


Prosperity and well-being

For her part, Engineer Noura Rashid Shattaf, Executive Director of the MPDA’s Strategy and Customer Happiness Sector, said that the 2030 Strategic Map aims to ensure the prosperity and well-being of the people of Ajman and sets a clear path for future action in the Department in line with the standards of sustainable cities, which are mainly concerned with people and their enjoyment of a happy and dignified life, and enhance Ajman’s position as a leading emirate in the field of living, residence, investment and successful projects in a flexible, happy and vibrant environment.


The MPDA has prepared forward-looking plans and a strategy for the quality of life based on giving priority to comprehensive and sustainable living, Eng. Shattaf added.


Development Proposals

The retreat included proposals and development ideas presented by the attendees, contributing to enriching the strategic map and forward-looking plans.