Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

Concurrently with Innovation Month 2022: The Municipality Department Launches “Best Innovative Project Award” for the Dissemination of Creativity Concepts and the Enhancement of Competition Amongst 24 Departments



The Municipality & Planning Department – Ajman launched the best innovative project idea award, in line with the directives of H.H. Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, the Department’s Chairman, and the aspirations of H.E. the Department’s Director-General, aiming for the enhancement of a work environment that motivates creativity and innovation and the achievement of outstanding results on the Department’s level, in what would attain the Department’s vision in its aim to achieve globality. This took place during the Department’s opening of the events of the Innovation Month 2022.


In this regard, H.E. Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, the Department’s Director-General, confirmed that the Department celebrates the national event which is being held with the participation of all departments, organizations and entities in the UAE, to prove that innovation is the motto of the era and the basis of advancement and prosperity in all aspects of life.


His Excellency launched the award in the inception of the first version of innovation events, aiming to disseminate the culture of innovation and make it a workstyle and to encourage the spirit of positive competition amongst the employees of 24 departments of the Department. He conveyed his pride of all the ambitious competent personnel who have prepared a total plan for the celebration of innovation for work optimization and life development.


His Excellency said that the Department believes in the capabilities of its ambitious human resources that are capable for positive competition. He stated that the award will be given to whoever deserves it, and will appreciate the efforts of the most innovative department, in addition to the dissemination of the concepts and culture of innovation amongst employees and the promotion of innovative practices.


From his side, Mr. Youssef Mohammed Al Sheiba, the Department’s Chairman’s Advisor for Digital Transformation & Artificial Intelligence, stated that the Department has cared to make participation open for all the Department’s departments for the selection of a qualitative idea in the fields of innovation, which will include processes, technological innovation, and communal innovation. He stated that the assessment of the submitted ideas will be based on the criteria of the idea’s readiness, the degree of creativity, and impact, and that the award will also include a set of stages for the determination of the most innovative department of the 24 departments.


From her side, Sheikha Noora Humaid Al Nuaimi, the Director of Ajman X Center, stated that the upcoming days will witness the launching of several qualitative initiatives and projects and intensive courses that will shed light on the importance of innovation and its essential role in ongoing prosperity and advancement.