Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

Clean UAE Campaign extended its Reach to Ajman in Effective Partnership with Ajman Municipality, Over 600 dedicated volunteers actively participated Al Tallah


The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman took part as a strategic partner in the “Clean UAE Campaign”, which was organized by the Emirates Environmental Group and sponsored by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. The campaign reached Al Tallah in Ajman, where over 600 volunteers participated.

In this regard, Ibrahim Samra Al-Shehhi, MPDA’s Director of Communication and Community Department, emphasized that the Department strives to promote all high-quality campaigns that align with comprehensive, integrated sustainability objectives and social responsibility principles. He conveyed his satisfaction with carrying out the campaign in the emirate and partnering effectively with the Department. “We were eager to help make the campaign, which aims to rally all societal groups to encourage community engagement in sustainable development process”, he said.

Al-Shehhi pointed out that all entities, departments, organizations and people are boosting their work and coordinating their activities to improve the UAE’s ranking in global competition indicators and back the pledge to attain the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

It is worth noting that since the campaign’s inception in the emirate, there has been extensive involvement from diverse industries, academic institutions, public entities, corporations, civil society groups and individuals, exhibiting the collective interest in protecting the environment and the tireless quest for sustainable prosperity.