Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

As part of its proactive efforts in emergencies, MPDA launches the Ghiath Vehicle Fleet


The Municipality and Planning Department – Ajman (MPDA) announced the launch of the Ghiath Vehicle Fleet, which is a cutting-edge vehicle equipped with the highest technical specifications for use during emergencies resulting from rainwater accumulations, thanks to its sophisticated equipment and ability to access rough terrains, as part of its all-around-the clock efforts to reinforce infrastructure and improve response for emergencies, and as a proactive step to confront the repercussions of the rainy season and ensure continuity of movement and services across the Emirate.

The MPDA noted that the Vehicle is in line with its relentless work to ensure the sustainable and continuous  operational work, and to enhance dealing with emergencies caused by weather conditions that may be seen by the State during the rainy season.


The MPDA added that the Ghiath Vehicle is equipped with an advanced tracking system linked to the Department’s Control Centre and is capable of locating the Vehicle and thus directing it to priority or damaged areas accurately and by using the best route. This system also works via advanced techniques for data analysis and non-stopping monitoring, allowimg the Vehicle to quickly and effective access areas most in need of help. The systems allow the competent bodies to respond faster and more efficiently to emergencies, a matter which plays great part in reducing damage and protecting infrastructure and property, as well as providing it with a sensing system to determine the depth of water to ensure that the safe limits of the Vehicle are not exceeded. It is also equipped with an integrated anti-water protection system that includes tight packaging of electrical components and engine and transmission breathing tubes to enable the Vehicle to cross water at a certain depth, and high ventilation holes to prevent water from entering the engine and transmission while crossing water accumulations.


The MPDA noted that the Vehicle features rescue and assistance systems to pull stuck vehicles out, and tracking boards used to provide additional control when driving in sand or flooded places.