Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

Ajman Municipality Department Issues 5th Version of the “Statistical Book” with Launching Community Data Website


H.E. Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, the Director-General of Ajman Municipality & Planning Department, received the 5th version of the Statistical Yearbook of the Department from the work team, launching the community-oriented book data website.


His Excellency said: “The Department is always aiming to foresee the future and set forth headlines for a better life for everybody, relying on all scientific approaches that enable us to attain the desired objectives.” He appreciated the role of accurate information and statistical data, which are a basis for the preparation of scientific researches and feasible studies. “Therefore, we have issued the statistical book to ensure the optimum utilization of data.” he added.


His Excellency stated: “The book aims to bring the attention of all the categories of the society to the Department’s achievements, path and completed projects, as it presents the Department’s efforts for the management of data and knowledge for the attainment of the Department’s strategy for the accomplishment of interconnection between the elements of infrastructure and residential communities, and the qualification and protection of the environment, and the enhancement of the optimum utilization of resources. All sectors are working in an integrated manner for the happiness of the society and knowing their needs and requirements.”


His Excellency conveyed his pride of the qualified personnel that have ensured the book’s inclusion of all modern systems and the Department’s accomplishments during the past year, 2021, while he wished that the book would be a reference and an official document to be availed of by every researcher and reader.


The book sheds light on the accomplishments of all the Department’s sectors, smart services and applications, and it contains the latest updates and facilitated services, so that it would be a document and a reference for its readers of public and private organizations, research centers, researchers, interested persons, students and all categories, so that it would constitute a comprehensive framework of the operation of the Department and its various departments.