Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

Ajman Municipality Department Completes All Preparations for the Reception of the Holy Eid Al-Adha, Announcing the Ongoing Receipt of Transactions Via Smart Systems

Ajman Municipality Department Completes All Preparations for the Reception of the Holy Eid Al-Adha, Announcing the Ongoing Receipt of Transactions Via Smart Systems

Ajman Municipality & Planning Department announced the completion of all preparations for the reception of the holy Eid, as the Department will continue to receive the transactions of the public for all the Department’s services via electronic and smart channels only, in the course of its care for the provision of the best services to the Emirate’s population, visitors and tourists.


Preparations of Slaughterhouses and Work Timings

The Department stated: “The slaughterhouse has completed all preparations for operation during the days of the Holy Eid Al-Adha, as it will open its doors for the public on the first day of Eid after the prayer of the Holy Eid Al-Adha until 4:00 pm, while it will continue operation during the following days of Eid from 7:00 am until 4:00 pm. The Department has provided the qualified workforce of technicians and workers to serve customers and to also test equipment and ensure their readiness for the accommodation of all types of sacrifices and meeting all necessary needs for the progress of work at the slaughterhouse.”


The Department announced: “The medical staff will examine the sacrifices before and after they are slaughtered, according to global standards, to ensure the health of the sacrifices and their clearness of diseases, for the protection of consumer health and safety. Furthermore, the sacrifices will be numbered for easing the tracking process.”


Masfout and Manama Slaughterhouses

The Department noted: “Masfout Slaughterhouse will receive customers starting from Friday, dated 8 July, until Monday, dated 11 July, from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, whereas Manama Slaughterhouse will receive customers on Sunday and Monday, dated 10 & 11 July 2022, from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm.”


The Cattle Market

The Department stated: “Work teams have verified the readiness of the received shipments to the cattle market, which are compliant with human consumption standards and clear of defects and diseases.”


About how sacrifices are received, the Department stated: “The process will only be done through vehicles. No sacrifices will be received from walking individuals who pass the square from the cattle market to the slaughterhouse yard.”


Reporting Violations

The Department invited the public to slaughter sacrifices at the slaughterhouse and to not deal with roaming slaughterers, as the Municipal Inspection & Control Department will discipline those who violate the issued instructions by the confiscation of the sacrifices that are slaughtered outside the scope of the law and will issue violation tickets to such violators, while the Department called the public to report violations by contacting the direct number 80070.


Intensive Inspection Campaigns

The Department has prepared a comprehensive plan for the implementation of inspection and control campaigns on food and health entities, which witness increased demand during the period of Eids, in what would contribute to the protection of the public health of the society, in parallel with the implementation of the precautionary procedures for combatting the novel coronavirus. Inspection teams will continue to work all around the clock to follow-up the entities’ compliance with health requirements.


Preparations of Traditional Kitchens and Eid Dedicated Campaigns

The Department stated: “It will implement periodic and intensive campaigns on food preparation and service entities, consumer complexes, cooperative societies and traditional kitchens to ensure their adherence to health and safety standards, to ensure the quality of food stuff, and to handle complaints all around the clock. Efforts will be combined to ensure the entities’ compliance with the necessary health requirements for the preparation and service of foods and compliance with the good health practices (GHPs) approved by the Department.”


Paid Parks to Become Free-of-Charge

The Department announced the exemption of all paid parks from the payment of fees during the Holy Eid Al-Adha holiday, from Friday, dated 8 July, to Monday, dated 11 July 2022.


The Legalization of Lease Contracts

From its side, the Department stated: “Work will continue throughout the days of Eid as lease contracts will be legalized by (Tasdeeq) system, to provide services to the population and complete their transactions at any time.


The Decoration of the Streets of Ajman Emirate

In a related context, the Department decorated the Emirate’s streets, parks, fields and bridges and the areas of Masfout and Manama with statements of felicitations and illuminated signboards that reflect the people’s celebration of the Holy Eid Al-Adha.


Parks are Open

The Agriculture & Parks Department announced: “All parks and public facilities will be open during the days of the Holy Eid Al-Adha from 4:00 pm until midnight, according to a set of preventive procedures and precautionary measures which include distancing. Parks will witness holding various events, amidst full adherence to preventive procedures to ensure spending the best times for all the categories of the society.”


The Reception of Trade Shipments

When talking about the reception of trade shipments, the Department stated: “The Food Trade Office will continue liaison with the Department of Port & Customs – Ajman for the synchronization of work timings in what would ensure the ongoing examination and release of food containers.”


The Department confirmed the ongoing approval for receiving the diversion of food shipments to the companies of Ajman Emirate on ZAD federal system from other ports to the stores of companies in the Emirate of Ajman, with the scheduling of the inspection of diverted containers according to time, and the ongoing approval of the applications for the health release of food shipments.