Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

According to the Municipality Department’s Q3 2022 Report: 97% Compliance with Laws & Legislations by Health & Food Entities



The Municipality & Planning Department – Ajman announced a percentage of compliance of 97% with food safety laws and legislations by health and food entities, according to the report issued by the Department for the 3rd quarter of the current year, 2022.


In this regard, Eng. Khalid Moeen Al Hosani, the Executive Director of the Department’s Public Health & Environment Sector, emphasized: “The qualified competent personnel have prepared their plans for the improvement of index of compliance with the codes and regulations by health and food entities, according to the directions of the wise Government, and thanks to the care of H.H. Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, the Department’s Chairman, and the follow-up of H.E. Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, the Department’s Director-General, of all the projects that aim for the protection of the health and safety of the members of the society, and the utilization of all the Department’s efforts for the attainment of the desired objective.”


Eng. Al Hosani continued: “The Public Health Department has prepared work plans and initiatives according to the best national practices and plans for the protection of public health in the Emirate, a thing which has contributed to the increased level of compliance by food and health entities, the sustainability of commercial business, and the encouragement of the climate of investment in the public health and food sector in the Emirate of Ajman, which has witnessed an increased demand over the few past years in the Emirate.”


Eng. Al Hosani said: “The Department has made available several facilities in licensing procedures and the approval process for the operation of entities within integrated electronic systems that ensure investor’s happiness. Furthermore, this included the implementation of all economic activity requirements prior to undertaking the activity within the Emirate, in cooperation with the Department of Economic Development. The periodic updated of health laws and legislations has contributed to meeting the needs of the public health and food safety sector.”


Eng. Al Hosani talked about the smart inspection system (Raqeeb), saying that: “It is an integrated smart system for the management of all inspection and control tasks, within a unified system on the Emirate’s level for the competency and efficiency of periodic inspections and follow-ups”. He added: “The classification of public health entities within periodically updated inspection lists in consistency with the type of activity and the health risks of the entity has created positive competition for the attainment of the best.”


Eng. Al Hosani stated: “The training and qualification of inspectors, requiring entities to provide at every food facility a qualified food safety officer who is accredited by the Department, the implementation of the approved food safety regulations, holding qualitative sessions from the economic activity sectors of public health, the documentation of the joint cooperation with supervisory and regulatory authorities on the UAE’s level in the field of public health and food safety within accredited procedures and electronic systems, in addition to the engagement of the community in the submission of comments and complaints against food and health entities within smart applications, and communication with the Unified Contact Center of the Government of Ajman on number 80070 all around the clock, are factors that have led, altogether, to the accomplishment of the best results.”