Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

2,214,000 M2 Total Green Area in Ajman


The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman announced the registration of a total of 2,214,000 square meters of green space in the Emirate of Ajman, according to the Department’s annual report for 2022.

In this regard, Eng. Khalid Moeen Al Hosani, the Department’s Executive Director of the Public Health and Environment Sector, said that increasing green spaces is one of the main goals of the Department to ensure the wellbeing and happiness of society, and therefore, it strives, based on its ambitious staff, to increase the green area of ​​the emirate and upgrade it to be one of the main green cities in the world, which provides the essentials for a comfortable life and healthy atmosphere.

“The total green area witnessed an increase from 2021, achieving a total of 2 million and 182 thousand square meters, and also an increase over 2020, which recorded a total of 2 million and 1 thousand square meters, according to the same period. This reflects the efforts made to proceed according to the development plan and provide the best essentials for life for residents and visitors”, Al Hosani added.


Al Hosani said that the Department is developing a comprehensive and integrated plan that covers all regions of the Emirate to increase green spaces, and it also adopts all projects supporting the achievement of the desired goals, indicating that the Department has recently opened several gardens and succeeded in opening garden projects for residential complexes aimed at providing open spaces for children and families and enabling them to spend happy times in places where green spaces, seats, games, parking lots and paths are available, in densely populated areas.

Al Hosani indicated that Ajman Award for Agriculture contributed to increasing the awareness of society, as the population turned to agriculture and encouraged the young generation to move forward in the path of green cities. “We are working, in conjunction with the Year of Sustainability, to spread positive culture among all segments of society and we are proceeding with our plans and projects to establish parks and squares that have a tangible impact on all”, he explained.