Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

100% Processing Rate of Cases Reported During Rainfall in Ajman Municipality


The Ajman Municipality and Planning Department promptly addressed all the reports it received during the recent adverse weather conditions in the country. As a result, the department achieved a processing index of 100%, as stated in its report on the performance of its staff during the rainy period.

The Department stated that it addressed the reports between February 1 and February 15, 2024. The personnel at the 80070 Call Center promptly responded and proceeded with the prepared plans to handle the cases. The Department emphasized the seamless collaboration of the work teams to ensure swift processing. This process commences with the reception of the report and subsequently instructing the field teams on the location.

The Department has confirmed its commitment to providing top-notch equipment and proactive strategies to effectively address the rainy season. Through intensified efforts, all reports have been successfully resolved in record time. Furthermore, the Department boasts the finest programs and equipment necessary for resolving complaints and reports. It relies on a team of qualified and trained professionals who promptly handle all incoming cases. The Department also employs a smart system to efficiently manage incoming reports and complaints. These are received through 10 approved channels, sorted, and classified based on the relevant department and sector. They are then collected in the “CRM” system, ensuring immediate action and timely closure of cases.