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Happiness Service Sector

1Total Certified Rent Contract for nationals and Foreigners in Ajman , Masfout and Manama 31/8/2020 pdf xls
2Number of certified complaints contract  31/8/2020 pdf xls
3Total of Certified Rent Contracts in Masfout City  31/8/2020 pdf xls
4Total of Certified Rent Contracts in Manama City 31/8/2020 pdf xls
5Total of Certified Rent Contracts in Ajman City  31/8/2020 pdf xls
6Issunig benefit certificates in order to recordand document rent contracts  31/8/2020 pdf xls

Infrastructure development sector

7Building Lincenses issued, classified by Lincense Type of the building  31/8/2020 pdf xls
8Buillding Licenses issued, classified by License Type in the Emirate of Ajman   31/8/2020pdf xls
9New Buildings permits Issued in Ajman Classified By Type  31/8/2020 pdf xls
10Certificater Of Achievement Issued In Emirate Of Ajman  31/8/2020 pdf xls
11The statistics of "to whome it concerns" certificates service  31/8/2020 pdf xls
12Number of Issued Reports from BML  31/8/2020 pdf xls

Public health and environment sector

13 Activities of the Health Department of Ajman Municipality 25/8/2018  pdfxls 
14Activities of the Health Department of Ajman Municipality (2) 25/8/2018 pdfxls 
15Number of animal slaughtered in Ajman Central Abattoir 25/8/2018  pdf xls
16Nursery Production  25/8/2018 pdf xls
17Samples that were analyzed in Ajman Municipality's laboratory  25/8/2018 pdf xls
18Number of samples tested in Ajman municipality laboratory  31/8/2020pdf xls
19Number Of Violations And Cleanliness Issued By Waste Management & Public Higiene Sec 31/8/2020pdf xls
20Number of park visitors in Ajman 31/8/2020pdf xls
21Quantity of Collected (1000 ton) Waste  31/8/2020 pdf xls
22Result tested of sample in food laboratory in Ajman municipality   31/8/2020 pdf xls
23Certificates of health issued31/8/2020 pdf  xls
 24Shops visited31/8/2020 pdfxls 
25Confiscations of Foodstuffs31/8/2020 pdf  xls
26Exporting Certificates  31/8/2020  pdf xls
27No-objection certificates31/8/2019 pdf xls 
28Laboratory Samples 31/8/2020 pdf  xls
 30 File Periodic Inspections 31/8/2020 pdf xls
 31 Irregularities & Warnings31/8/2020 pdfxls 
 32Health release for food shipments31/8/2020 pdf xls 

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