Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

Digital Participation Policy

Digital Participation Policy

The Municipality and Planning Department – Ajman is keen to interact with customers and involve them in the decision-making process through social networking sites and applications with integrity and transparency. It provides the opportunity for all segments of society and all parties concerned to express their opinion and provide suggestions and constructive criticism on various topics and news through these digital platforms. Which has the greatest role in improving and developing work mechanisms and raising the aspirations of individuals from society.

Scope Of Policy

The department sets the foundations, rules and determines the controls for the materials published in social networks, and other available channels at the website; which are:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • You tube
  • LinkedIn
  • RASSED for suggestions and complaints (website, and application)
  • Surveys

This policy is also applied to all topics, news and opinions that are circulated on all social media sites of the department and its website.

The department ensures taking into consideration all customers’ opinions and suggestions, and compliance with the policy of communication with the public and the guide for using social media of the Executive Council of the Government of Ajman.

Website supervision policy

Municipality and Planning Department – Ajman welcomes all the suggestions, opinions and criticisms of its dear audience and promises them that it will take into account all that is circulated on the website and social media platforms, and it focuses and categorizes it as a basic and important reference for development and improvement of performance, and the department has the right to supervise and audit these posts to ensure the extent Validity for publication and blocking any post if it includes the following:-

  • Posts that contain a source of a security threat.
  • Posts that contain inappropriate language.
  • Posts that violate the privacy of others or are offensive to them.
  • Posts that contain spam or promote trade.
  • Posts that contain prejudice or negative reference to any group of society on the basis of race, color, nationality, religion, status…etc.
  • Posts that include group or political discussions.
  • Posts that contain a violation of intellectual property rights.

Failure to comply with this policy may result in the participant being banned, and the Department reserves the right to withhold any comment without giving reasons

Enabling people of determination to participate online

The department has worked to ensure that people of determination are able to participate through its website by providing assistive technical features such as:

  • Spacing / zooming in / out texts and their spacing
  • Contrast / change background colors
  • Voice assistance
  • Highlight electronic links
  • Change the font for dyslexia friendly


Protocols and standards for responding and communicating on websites

The department undertakes to respond and communicate with users based on the policies and procedures of social networking sites, the website and the smart application.

  • Social Networking Sites

The comments received on the social networking sites will be transferred to the competent organizational units, and then they will communicate with the customer to solve the comments or respond to them according to their classification (complaint/suggestion/report ..)


The customer will be answered within 3-5 working days, and complaints are handled according to their classifications (complex: 30 working days / urgent: 1-3 working days / regular: 5 working days). The customer will also be notified of the status of the complaints via the registered email or phone number.