Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

Circular – Real estate and establishment owners in Al Nuaimiya area

To ensure the safety and health of everyone, the Municipality and Planning Department urges owners and in charge of residential and commercial buildings and real estate projects in the Emirate to take all health measures necessary to ensure the health and safety of residents as following:


  1. Owner/in charge of the residential or commercial building should ensure that safe water is available for public use in accordance with the State-approved specifications and standards.
  2. Owner/in charge of a residential or commercial building should take all preventive measures to ensure that the building’s public water is not polluted.
  3. Owner/ in charge of the residential or commercial building should inform the competent authorities in the Emirate in the event of any pollution or change in the color or smell of the water on 80070.
  4. In the event of discovering change in the clear color or smell of the water, stop using the water and inform the residents and commercial units in the building about it.
  5. Approved companies must be contracted to clean and disinfect ground and overhead tanks and water delivery networks to eliminate any potential pollution causes. The approved list of these companies can be obtained on the Department’s website.
  6. If water is supplied from external sources, the water source should be verified and drinking water companies should be approved and water should be moved by approved drinking water transport blue vehicles and approved by the Department.
  7. Samples should be collected for laboratory analysis at the Ajman Municipality Laboratory or food laboratories approved by the cleaning and disinfection company or the owner/in charge of the building to ensure their safety and compliance with specifications before pumping water back to the building and residents.
  8. An effective cleaning and disinfection program should be provided for the building’s public areas by using approved detergents and disinfectants, such as the building entrance, elevators, corridors, or similar common areas, to ensure control of any pathogens in the building.
  9. The Municipality and Planning Department examines residential and commercial buildings damaged by rain to verify the safety and quality of water. Owners and in charge of residential and commercial buildings are requested to cooperate with the inspection and survey teams to ensure the health and safety of the community.