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Chairman Message

We are determined to press ahead with confident and anchored steps to transform Emirate of Ajman into an event smart city, its inhabitants blessed with a beautiful, comfortable life and in which all the elements of the perfect environment are available to attract investors, and opens its doors permanently for tourists and visitors to enjoy the well-being and happiness in line with the visions of the wise leadership in Ajman who is looking forward to a global smart Emirate.

We as a department is inseparable from the Union parties and is considered an integral part of its interconnected part we are after the announcement of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, "God Bless Him" of Smart Government initiative, which is hoped through it a government goes to the citizen at all times, anywhere in the world fast in transactions, strong in its actions and provides services via mobile phone. The department rushed to develop a clear strategy to achieve the desired objectives of the plan and was able during the past period, firing a number of applications and smart services that benefit all individuals.

Today, we are reaping the fruit of the work of construction and inaugurate applications and smart services that reach to customers dependent on human cadres dedicated in their work is sparing no effort to invest its expertise and experience to provide the best to see our goals as concrete facts on the ground, our services are characterized by efficiency, effectiveness and easy to use and open the doors of interaction with credibility with everyone for the customer to become part of the process, which leads to the expansion of the circle of participation between customers and staff.

Although we know that the wishes are beautiful but we believe that fulfilling them is more beautiful so we seek for the department to remain at the forefront and to maintain its position among the prestigious peers to become a model of creativity, innovation and a platform to meet the creators and square for the seekers of success and excellence