Ajman Municipality & Planning Department

MPDA announces working hours extended at the main Customer Happiness Centre as of June 1st 2024

مركز سعادة المتعاملين الرئيسي

The Municipality and Planning Department – Ajman (MPDA) announced the extension of working hours at the main Customer Happiness Center in the city center, and continuing work on Saturdays from 07:30 am to 03:30 pm, as of June 1st, as part of its keenness to provide services for all and facilitate for customers.


In this connection, Marwan Mohammad Al Nuaimi, Director of the MPDA’s Service Centers Department, asserted that ensuring life quality and society happiness is a priority and a main goal, and accordingly the MPDA strives to provide ideal services and enable customers to reach us, believing in their full right to inquire about services and learn about the optimal use of smart applications, and therefore the MPDA decided to extend the working hours.


The MPDA is committed to the values ​​of flexibility and proactiveness and following ideal methodologies to make customers happy, Al Nuaimi said, adding that the main center’s working hours will continue from Monday to Thursday from 07:30 am to 05:30 pm, and work will resume on Friday from 07:30 am to 12:00 noon, and work continues on Saturday as per the hours mentioned previously.


Al Nuaimi noted that the ambitious competencies in the main Customer Happiness Center are qualified to deal with all groups and segments of society. They possess a positive spirit for immediate assistance, and qualitative experience and capabilities. The resources working in the Center were keen to master speaking multiple languages ​​for smooth communication with all nationalities.


Al Nuaimi called on customers wishing to visit the Center to take advantage of the flexible timings, stressing that the customer’s happiness, reaching them, and involving them in all services is a key end and goal.