With a 25 Million AED Budget The “Heritage Neighborhood Development” becomes an Investment Destination that will soon be a Reality in Ajman

23 April 2019


In his comment on the first Investors Meeting organized by Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman Museum to introduce the Heritage Neighborhood Development in the emirate, His Highness Sheikh Rashid Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the department, asserted that the wise leadership of the municipality seeks continuously to help investors and support them in launching successful projects in an optimal environment that provides all the necessary criteria for success and continuity.

His Highness noted that the Heritage Neighborhood Development Project will make the emirate a new investment tourism destination that aligns with the aspirations of investors in Ajman, as the project includes different models of investment opportunities with various areas and utilities in competitive prices to support SMEs. He said that the meeting provided an explanatory presentation for attendees about the project and its goals and also provided several opportunities for them to know about the project and launch their own successful projects.

His Highness added that the qualified staff at the department have worked, in cooperation with the Tourism Development Department in Ajman, has designed the project in order to build on the original roots of the emirate and preserve its identity, as well as save its rich heritage, being in the strategic location of the historical area of Ajman Museum; one of the oldest castles in the Arab Gulf, and the historical Saleh Souq, rendering it a lively project and a cultural, economic and tourism destination.


Moreover, His Highness said that the 25-million project has revitalized the area around the museum and has paid a significant interest to maintaining old trees and the green spaces in the historical area, since designers were diligent in designing buildings in harmony with the trees, which were used as natural umbrellas to adhere to our vision that aims at preserving our natural resources.


Meanwhile, Dr. Eng. Mohamed Ahmed bin Omair Al Muhairi, Executive Director of the Infrastructure Development Sector and the project director, provided His Highness and the investors with a detailed explanation of the project, for which construction works began in 2018 on an area of 5300 square meters. He pointed out that the project maintained the heritage, the ancient contents and the historical boats in the location to provide the visitor an integrated cultural and recreational experience. The project will also create a large number of local and international events and religious and tourism celebrations.

Dr. Eng. Bin Omair also noted that that project has focuses on highlighting the city’s rich history and giving a clear perception of the architectural fabric of an important era of the city’s development, since the project develops and builds on important historical elements of heritage that left a significant footprint, to be the witness of a great past and honoring events.



Supporting Investors

Eng, Huria Al Balushi, Head of Project and Business Development Department and Project Manager said also that the wise leadership in Ajman seeks continuously and diligently to find diverse investment opportunities for the youth, as the project provides several facilities for project owners. The department leased properties for free for an entire year with coordination with a real estate company, saying that the project includes 37 shops available for all types of relevant activities with areas between 40 and 100 square meters.


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