Urban Planning Project for Masfout and Manama 2030

The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman (MPDA) organized an interactive workshop to discuss the inclusive urban planning project for Musfout and Manama 2030 at the Fairmont Hotel in Ajman, in the presence and participation of Dr. Eng. Mohammed Ahmed Bin Omair Al Muhairi, Executive Director of Infrastructure Development Sector and Dr. Rola Sadiq, Consultant specialized in preparation of a comprehensive study for the plan, and Eng. Aliaa Mjlaad, Project Manager, in the presence of representatives of the strategic partners in the emirate from government agencies, the private sector and the community and officials in Musfout and Manama.

At the beginning of the workshop, Dr. Eng. Bin Omair said that the department decided to organize this interactive workshop which brings together all government departments concerned with developing and achieving the desired prosperity in the Emirate as it believes that everyone is keen to achieve the comprehensive urban development in the Emirate, noting that Masfoot and Manama are parts of the Emirate of Ajman and we all have a duty to  develop them, so we have chosen to organize this dynamic forum, which broaden the horizons of the inspirational thinking. We are keen to gather inspirational ideas that become a tangible reality that contributes to shaping a better future in both cities.

Dr. Eng. Bin Omair explained that the comprehensive urban planning project for Masfout and Manama 2030 is the most important project that the department will complete within the next period and aims to put a planning frame for the development and sustainable urban growth in non-urban areas. This project will provide the best planning alternatives for the existing urban areas and will also face the existing challenges, with linking all solution alternatives to integrated plans that includes a plan for road network, transportation types, available transportation alternatives, infrastructure network plan and its types, a plan for the real-estate projects and developmental  project,  and a plan for uses and its kinds, with developing requirements, classifications, mechanisms to control these current or recommended uses, as well as Integrated and communal facility plans for present and future urban areas to ensure sustainability and high efficiency distribution.

Dr. Eng. Bin Omair explained that Masfout and Manama are characterized by the beautiful nature and tranquility, and filled with archeologist sites, so we will preserve the existing as well as developing it, indicating that we will provide the commercial centers and dynamic hotels that improve both regions.

Dr. Bin Omair reviewed the project work stages, which began with the stage of collection and analysis of the data required to studying the current situation and building on it, indicating that we have completed the first phase fully and we will now hold seminars and workshops with the government agencies in both regions and in the Emirate of Ajman. We listen to the population requirements and take your proposals into consideration in order to develop a clear and comprehensive plan to achieve the vision of Ajman 2021 seeking to find a happy society that contributes to building a green economy stimulated by a distinct government that is in harmony with the spirit of the Union.

The interactive workshop permeates a remarkable participation from all parties, which unanimously agreed that Masfout and Manama will be the focus of the world's eyes and a destination for investors and tourists if the urban plan outputs are implemented on the ground, which consequently benefits everyone. The role of the department, which is constantly seeking to positive improvement and advancing development and prosperity a head, is praised.

The female consultant reviewed the most prominent challenges and solutions, including the low –water challenge in Masfout and Manama, noting that the abuse and wastage play a big role in aggravating the problem. She  provided effective solutions contributing to facing the water challenge and overcoming them effectively.

The female consultant added that the plan pays great attention to the transportation network. It aims to find a secure and modern transportation infrastructure designed according to the most modern safety and security standards. the project is concerned to using the most modern technologies and the smart applications in the field of roads to facilitate linking both cities to areas around them and all emirates of the state, thereby contributing to promoting transportation. She indicated that the plan will provide spaces for, indicating that the plan will provide a space for pedestrians and bicycles, will pay great attention to the people of determination and will promote sports that keep the cities quiet away from the hustle and bustle of modern transport.

She said the urban plan would set a clear vision to help decision-makers in the Federal Electricity and Water Authority develop a comprehensive and clear plan to supply lines in the two cities.

At the end of the workshop, the participants agreed on the necessity of holding these meetings throughout the stages of the vital project, which qualifies the two cities to be the cities of a tourist event par excellence, in which all health, education, recreational and other services are available so that their residents enjoy living well and they can attract tourists to enjoy the tranquility of the two regions, with all needs of the visitor.


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