Unified Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Project to Facilitate Spacial Data Management and Exchange among Stakeholders

24 July 2019

The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman held the opening meeting to launch Ajman SDI project headed by Dr. Eng. Mohammad Ahmad bin Omair Al Muhairi, Executive Director of the Infrastructure Development Sector, in the presence of the representatives from the company responsible for implementing the project, the directors of the related directorates and the project working team.


Dr. Eng. bin Omair confirmed that the aim of the project is to unify the formula and standards of spacial data in Ajman following the best practices applied in the field. This shall help facilitate the process of managing and exchanging data among stakeholders, according to bin Omair, who ensured that once this project is successfully implemented, it will enable all stakeholders to benefit from the data, contribute to increasing its accuracy and quality as well as help in making it more effective and easy to share and exchange through the e-platform that is being developed for the purpose.


He added that the project shall become a key contributor to the process of decision-making through enhancing customer satisfaction, increasing the consistency of data and the effectiveness with which it’s collected and decreasing repetition.


For her part, Aisha Al-Tunaiji, Director of Geographic Information Systems Center, clarified that the Municipality Department is continuously keen to implement projects that can increase the quality of data and support partners in a manner that aligns with the sound vision of the government of Ajman, which seeks to make Ajman a developed city that is characterized by the standards of smart cities. Spacial data, in this sense, will become a driver for development.


The project will also include drafting the wording for Ajman SDI Law and managing the process of data distribution through an e-platform easily accessible by 16 local and federal entities, in addition to the department’s internal directorates.



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