The Standing Committee for the UDIE of Ajman discusses the Urban Master Plan for Masfout and Manama, the master Plan for Roads and Transport 2030 and the Tripartite Operational Plans

February 8th, 2019

The Standing Committee for the Urban Development of Infrastructure and Environment of Ajman Executive Council discussed during its first meeting in 2019 the outcomes of the urban master plan project for the cities of Masfout and Manama, master plan for roads and transport 2030 and the tripartite operational plans. The committee presented also a list of priority projects for the years 2019-2021.

HE Abdulrahman Al Nuaimi, Head of Committee, who presided the meeting in the presence of the members, said that the project plan is one of the most vital projects in the Emirate of Ajman, and the Department of Municipality and Planning in Ajman was working on it in order to develop an integrated system for sustainable urban development in the Emirate, while the Department prepared strategic plans and tripartite operational plans for all cities of the Emirate. “The plan was based on collecting, monitoring and documenting all relevant data, studying challenges and opportunities, developing planning alternatives and scenarios for the distribution of land uses, road networks and infrastructure, linking them to policies and legislation and developing them through a comprehensive plan aligned with the requirements of sustainable urban development”, HE indicated.



HE explained that the project requires the support of everyone because it achieves ideal objectives, which include setting priorities for development, agreeing on development strategies, encouraging tourism development, increasing the attractiveness of investment in the tourism sector and creating new jobs in cities. This contributes to the development of the local economy of the Emirate in addition to the preparation of detailed plans for three new regions, the development of action plans with results and goals and time programs with the distribution of roles and responsibilities and budgets and encourage partnership between the government and private sector


The head and members of the committee emphasized on the importance of coordination with the government departments to participate in the marketing and promotion of the urban planning project through the Executive Council, in addition to updating the agreements with strategic partners and submitting the requirements and recommendations of the Urban Observatory Division, which is responsible for monitoring and coordinating between the government departments and development partners to prepare and activate the strategic urban plans and aligning their policies in a unified framework in addition to monitoring and use operational plans in making and guiding the decision.



The committee stressed on the joint coordination among the members to do field visits to the city of Masfout in order to have a closer look at the outputs of the project, that qualified the city to be a flowering and attractive mountain destination.

At the end of the meeting, Al Nuaimi praised the efforts of the members in following up the decisions and the committee's meeting recommendations, stressing on the importance of submitting recommendations and study presented to the Ajman Executive Council to take the necessary decisions.





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