The Municipality & Planning Department declares its complete readiness to deal with the rainy season 2019/2020/


November 10th, 2019

Highlighting its commitment to provide a safe and comfortable life to all residents and its sincere efforts to achieve its vision and targets in accordance with the best practices of preparation and readiness for potential accidents, the Municipality & Planning Department in Ajman confirmed its complete readiness to deal with the current rainy season 2019/2020.


HE Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Municipality and Planning Department, said that the Department has developed an emergency plan at the direction of HH Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Department, out of his commitment to provide the necessary equipment and preparations for dealing with the rain in accordance with global safety standards, complete readiness to deal with any expected accidents in joint coordination between all divisions of the Department, as each division shall perform the assigned tasks; e.g. maintenance of stations, equipment and machinery, setup of work teams and assigning workers to clean all main water pipelines., including opening drains and emptying internal plastic strainers from any sand or trash that may have accumulated.


 said that the department is taking all necessary measures to keep citizens safety. He explained that the department spared no efforts to prepare for the rainy season.The department has distributed 65 water pumps all over the emirate and 25 water tankers. All maintenance work on rain drainage networks, pumping stations and road drainage holes has been completed. The department also formed 15 task forces to monitor the drainage of rainwater all over the emirate during the rainy season. A plan was developed to deal with emergencies to mitigate consequences of rainfall.


Eng. Abdullah Mustafa Al Marzouqi, Director of Roads and Infrastructure Department, said that the Department is monitoring up the weather conditions of the emirate, in coordination with stakeholders concerned with such events and extremes of weather. He also encourages all residents and visitors of the emirate to call the hotline 80070. He assured that the department will provide instant response and assistance to the reported areas, highlighting the role of residents and citizens immediate reporting of incidents, which in turn helps to mitigate their impact significantly, hoping that it will be a season of rain and mercy upon us all.




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