The Municipality Department Implements Intensive Campaigns for the Regulation of Supervisory Control at All Parks and to Ensure Adherence to Regulations & Instructions ​


The Agriculture & Public Parks Department at the Municipality & Planning Department – Ajman implemented intensive campaigns at all the Emirate’s parks and public facilities in order to ensure parkers visitors’ adherence to the issued instructions and regulations, in its capacity as the sole entity that is authorized to ticket violations for the preservation of public parks, which reflect the positive image of the Emirate.


In this regard, Mr. Ahmed Saif Al Muhairi, the Director of the Agriculture & Public Parks Department, confirmed that the Municipality Department is giving considerable and remarkable attention to all parks, based on direct instructions of H.H. Sheikh Rashid Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, the Chairman of the Municipality & Planning Department – Ajman, and with ongoing follow-up by H.E. Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, the Department’s Director-General, due to their care for the creation of an ideal environment and a natural and safe recreational space for park visitors of families and individuals, and to ensure that they would enjoy a healthy atmosphere that is free of the violations that yield adverse impacts on everybody.


Al Muhairi continued by saying that the Department has prepared a clear and comprehensive plan for the current year 2021, as it will work hard with reliance on its workforce for the regulation of total supervisory control, stating that the Department has qualified an adequate number of supervisors to cover all parks and public facilities within the Emirate.


Al Muhairi stated that the purpose of imposing fines is to disseminate awareness among all categories and to motivate the population to adhere to the regulations that are being set forth for the interest of everybody, stating that in this period, parks are welcoming a large number of visitors, thanks to the mild climate and the availability of the components of welfare at parks, which are a safe place to visit for families and various hobbyists.

Al Muhairi stated that the Department has observed over the past period a number of violations, which include damaging and breaking sanitaryware, outer fences, playing grounds, seats and umbrellas, in addition to visitors’ violations, such as littering in public places and damaging greenery, which require the replacement or maintenance thereof, beside graffitiing in parks, a thing which deforms the general appearance.


Al Muhairi stated that the Department prohibits smoking (Shisha) at all public parks and facilities, as this greatly and adversely affects health in general, especially children’s health, while the Department requests everybody to cooperate with it and to adhere to all directives and guidelines for the preservation of the civilizational image of the Emirate and to promote the Emirate to become one of the most significant green cities in the world, whose inhabitants and visitors would enjoy a clean and safe atmosphere.


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