The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman Visits the Patients Affected by the Water Contamination Incident

13 Jun 2019

 A delegation from the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman visited the patients affected by the water tank contamination incident in a residential tower in Ajman. The delegation, that was visiting Amina Hospital, was headed by engineer Hameed Al-Mula, Deputy Manager of Environmental Management and Development and engineer Adullah Al-Tamimi, Acting Director of Public Health Department, and a number of other officials in the department.

The delegation listened to the cases who were infected with catarrh, and were given an explanation about them by doctors, who assured the cases were not severe and the patients shall be discharged soon after receiving the necessary treatment.

Al-Mula assured that the health and safety of the residents of Ajman is always a concern for its government, that exerts relentless efforts, along with all federal local entities, to provide an ideal and safe living environment for everyone.

Al-Mula also pointed out that such an incident is rare considering the careful procedures followed by all departments and the regular inspection that sees to the smallest details. He explained that the crisis and emergency management team has dealt with the incident immediately, and there was a coordination among different entities to avoid the resulting damages.

Relentless Efforts

Al-Mula explained that the competencies in the department exerted all possible efforts since the incident to know the causes and to handle them immediately, in addition to building a future plan to avoid similar cases.

He added that since receiving repeated reports from the municipality hospitals, the department headed to the incident area and found a contamination in one of the ground tanks that leaked to the next tanks, and ordered that the tanks shall be emptied, cleaned and sterilized entirely, in addition to sterilizing the tubes and ensuring that all taps across units are opened to remove the remaining water, before cleaning those taps and sterilizing them. After this was done, and after taking samples to make sure that the contamination that caused the catarrh were gone, the pure water was allowed back into the tanks and residents were directed not to use it for drinking or cooking as a precautional procedure.

The department calls all residents of the municipality in general and the residents of towers in specific to report immediately if they sense a contamination in the tap water - a strange smell or a change in the water color - by reaching the Ajman Contact Center on number 80070



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