The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman Launches its Strategic Project Sanad 2m In Cooperation with its Strategic Partner DELL

9 September 2019

The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman launches the second phase of Sanad project, which aims to develop IT capacities in the department’s infrastructure within the scope of Ajman government that in turn seeks to provide governmental service effectively and efficiently. This will guarantee that the department is ready to provide its service around the hour in the case of crises and disasters, hence achieving the desired purpose of making a leading example out of those services.

This project is a significant step in building the infrastructural bases, as it uses the latest global technologies that guarantee the security and protection of information and networks, an advanced level of performance speed and an easy transformation process in data centers to cloud computing, IoT and IT technological services.

This project is the product of cooperation with DELL, the advanced technological giant that follows the best and latest practices in building modern global data centers, in addition to Computer Direct Access (CDA) that implemented the project.

The two parties signed a mutual contract to implement the project, represented on behalf of the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman by HE Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Department, and on behalf of CDA by its General Manager Mr. Naim Abdallah Taskin, with a number of executives from both parties present.

HE Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Department, said that the municipality department thrives, in compliance with the direct guidance of HH Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid to create projects that help develop its human capacities and provide them with the best and latest technologies that would support them in providing an ideal level of services to customers and employees at the department, by means of facilitating procedures and decreasing time and effort. The project also serves the requirements of the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) to elevate the level of services provided to the public.


HH also said that the Municipality believes in the importance of the continuity of its services and of decreasing the effects of risks and deficiencies resulting from crises and disasters, if they occur. The Department is also working relentlessly to create quality projects that would help achieve its desired goals, that is by using the best and latest global technologies in building its data centers. The department seeks as well to benefit from the latest technologies in facilitating and enhancing the experience of its customers with the services it provides, and to design those services in a way that would increase customer satisfaction.


For his part, Mr. Naim Abdallah Taskin, General Manager of CDA, expressed his company’s pride of cooperating with the Department, and praised its advanced technological capacities, its strategic development and the excellent performance of its technical team. He also confirmed the company’s compliance with the items agreed upon between the two parties, in order to achieve remarkable results within the duration of the three years of cooperation.


For her part, Ms. Hend Alshamsi, Director of Smart Services Development,  confirmed that this strategic project (Sanad 2) was specially designed to be a basis for building a new generation of continuous interactive services

and a core for future projects that the department will implement as soon as the data centers in the department embrace the fast pace of transformation to the new technological platforms of cloud computing. This in turn will increase the flexibility of information technology capacities to support the department’s aspirations to apply the best global practices in business continuity, artificial intelligence, IoT and cloud computing, with emphasis on increasing information security and protection from breaches and the continuity and availability of services by no less than 99.9%. This shall create a maximum level of productivity and a high quality of programming capacity that addresses the needs of customers and employees, with over 50% decrease in operational costs and over 80% decrease in the space allotted for service provision. The project will also work on developing the efficiency, speed and continuity of the department network services presented to its employees. 



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