The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman holds the department’s first Supervisory Board meeting

March 13, 2019

The first meeting of the Supervisory Board of Ajman Municipality and Planning Department was held under the chairmanship of His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Board, as well as His Excellency  Abdulrahman Al Nuaimi, Deputy Chairman of the Board, and the Independent Members, Eng. Khalifa Al Jarrah, Mr. Abdul Aziz Al Jasmi, Mr. Ibrahim Al Hammadi, and Ms. Mariam Abdul Al Shurafa. The meeting was also attended by the executive member, Fatima Mohammed Al Malla, Director of Strategic Planning & Corporate Excellence department, and Mr. Ibrahim Al Riyami, Secretary of the Board.


During the meeting, the reconfiguration of the board was reviewed and the new provisions and regularity of the meeting sessions were discussed. His Highness Chairman of the Board, clarified that this board was formed as part of the governance framework implemented by the department. The board aims to adopt the practices implemented by the boards of directors at private sectors in order to improve the work government sector. He mentioned the example of improving the methods for calculating the costs of services, as it became a goal for many service sectors, both in government and private entities, because lower the costs mean more revenues. This increase in revenues will be of great benefit to the institution, the government and the country.


During the meeting, the department's strategy for 2019-2021  was presented, addressing a number of important guidelines for its development such as Ajman Vision 2021, the National Agenda and the Federal governments' strategies such as the UAE’s strategy for Artificial Intelligence, financial efficiency, and for the future etc. The general framework for strategic planning was also reviewed
discussing corporate vision, mission and values, which primarily focus on the customer. the framework also includes a strategic map with 5 sectoral objectives, 10 strategic objectives, 4 possible strategic objectives, 14 sectoral indicators and 36 strategic performance indicators. As a precedent for the department, a future foresight tool was used to determine the level of importance of the posed strategic objectives. The members of the board were also consulted in determining the importance and priority level of these objectives.


The projects and initiatives that achieve the strategic objectives for 2019-2021 were reviewed. There is a total of 37 projects and initiatives, among these projects the urban development project of the Emirate 2030, the Asab electronic project,  the smart customer happiness center, and the construction laboratory.


His Highness also spoke about the remarkable achievements of the department in the field of service automation, digital transformation which resulted in customers using the the website and smart applications instead of going in person to customer happiness centers. The number costumers visiting those centers decreased by 50% during 2017 and 2018. The number changed from 100 thousand to 50 thousand customers during the same period. He stressed that real success can be achieved when the customer who went through the long process of requesting a specific service a year or two ago, has experienced the same service recently and felt the difference in the quality and speed of delivery and was satisfied with the results. Among the achievements the department takes pride in, the speed of issuing building permits which does not exceed 10 days, noting that the same service takes up to four months in other Emirates. We are also currently working on testing modern electronic systems that can read the site plan and identify errors within 3 minutes. These systems will improve the services provided and accelerates the duration needed for execution. His Highness also stated that the department is working on improving the service of authenticating lease contracts and connecting our service partners from government agencies in one electronic platform. This platform can verify the payment of all parties registered in this service which will accelerate and facilitates the procedures of the service by offering customers a 24-hour system. This service currently takes up to 4 hours,our aim is to reduce that to one minute, which will lead to more customer satisfaction and happiness as well as a great economic return to the Emirate.


The members of the board presented a number of constructive ideas and suggestion that could contribute to achieving the department’s objectives and meet the stakeholders’ needs which will improve the quality of life for the people of Ajman.




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