The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman Celebrates the Plastic Bag Free Day for the Eighth Consecutive Year

16 Jun 2019

The Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman launched the Plastic Bag Free Day initiative for the eighth consecutive year, in an attempt to raise awareness among the members of community about the risks of using plastic bags. It called citizens to join its efforts to protect the environment from the pollution resulting from using around 30 tons of plastic bags in Ajman on a daily basis.


Eng. Khalid Moeen Al Hosani, Executive Director of the Public Health and Environment Sector, confirmed that the department plans to communicate its strategic goal, that forms part of the UAE national agenda, to the community. This goal is to reduce the average daily per capita waste to 1.5 kg in 2021. In addition, the department is aiming at raising the percentage of recycled waste to 75% in 2021.


Al Hosani also declared that this year is the Year of Tolerance in the UAE, which includes, not only tolerance with others, but also with the environment. The initiative, according to Al Hosni, is an opportunity for everyone to show tolerance by decreasing pollution and the effects of climate change by limiting their use of plastic bags, which jeopardize the habitats of living organisms and exhaust natural resources that are considered a right for the next generations and an asset for environmental sustainability. 


The Department of Environmental Management and Development has carried out inspection and monitoring campaigns across shops to ensure their commitment to not using plastic bags. The percentage of shops that complied with the decision was 75%, which equals a decrease by 18 tons of plastic-bag use on May 16 and a decrease by around 108 tons of Co2 emitting from the manufacturing processes of plastic bags, contributing to the country’s plans to confront climate change.



The initiative witnessed the contribution of students from Ajman University and members of the community, who participated in the “Make a Difference” competition that raises awareness about the risks of using plastic bags by persuading the community to stop using them. This follows a wider cause to spread a culture of producing less plastic waste. The competition aims also at providing an opportunity to launch educating and awareness-raising campaigns that would help the community to search for alternatives for plastic bags and realize their risks.


The “I contribute, What about you?” competition, that seeks to persuade individuals to collect plastic bags and refraining from throwing them away, has witnessed wide interaction from the public.


The department invited the public and the owners of shops to commit to not using plastic bags on May 16, 2019, and imposed a financial fine on those shops that might use plastic bags of that day.


This initiative was first launched in Ajman in 2012, and May 16 was selected to witness it every year, in an attempt to encourage citizens and residents to limit their use of plastic bags and realize the ambition of a plastic bag-free city.









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