The First Green Building in The Emirate, His Excellency Abdul Rahman Mohammad Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman, Launches The Stage of Pouring Concrete in The Central Laboratory Building.

24 January, 2019

His Excellency Abdul Rahman Mohammad Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman, has launched the stage of pouring the green concrete in the Central Laboratory building. The Laboratory is under construction according to the standards of green building system, all in line with the department vision that seeks to find a sustainable environment and a modern structure in building the future of Ajman.


H.E visited the project with Dr. Eng. Mohammed Ahmed Bin Omair Al Muhairi, Executive Director of Infrastructure Development Sector,  and those responsible for the project implementation.



90% Green Concrete


H.E also assured that the department considered establishing a perfect and healthy building with 90% use of green concrete that will maintain the environment, health and the safety of individuals. H.E explained that the use of such concrete will raise the building sustainability to 20 years, due to using eco-friendly material that includes recycled substances. The green concrete will also reduce carbon dioxide  emission in 80%, maintain air quality and reduce pollution.



H.E stated that the human capacities responsible of designing and implementing the building work on using energy saving lights and VRF air conditioning systems that save 40%  more energy in comparison with regular air conditioning systems. In addition to activating solar panels system and water preservation system by reinforcing water drainage systems and benefiting from it in agriculture. H.E clarified that the building will include reflective glass which will help in insolating heat and saving electricity. The capacities will also use thermal brick-wall, which shall be testes in the construction lab before using.


H.E continued that through its years of productive work, the lab was able to conduct the emirate vital projects by testing and setting the used materials quality in construction works and confirming its compliance to required standard specifications for buildings sustainability and meeting the expectations and requirements of clients before, during and after constructing roads and buildings projects. Thus, leading to achieving one of the department’s strategic goals to ensure competitiveness in construction and building all in line with Ajman Vision 2021.


The First Green Building in The Emirate


H.E listened to a detailed explanation made by Dr. Eng. Mohammed Ahmed Bin Omair about the 15b million AED project, indicating that the department has finished 30% of the building. The lab will include labs for construction materials, industrial and consumer materials,  parameters, research, development, inspection warehouses and parking lots all of which shall be designed according to the international standards for laboratories.


Dr. Eng. Bin Omair also added that the client happiness is the goal that we all seek, hiring all of our plans to serve him, gain his satisfaction and ensure providing perfect services within a short period of time. Therefor, we have worked on expanding the customer service hall in the new building so it would fit for 125 customers. It will also be provided with an entrance that has electronic payment machines. The lab will be equipped with all the requirements of luxury and happiness that ensure a perfect atmosphere for the client during his visit to the place.  New outdoor parking lots for the huge number of clients will be provided as well.




Green Building Tests


Dr. Eng. Bin Omair revealed that the central lab shall work on providing green building tests, since the department will be adding 4 new labs that meet all customers requirements. The labs include a lab for green buildings and all special materials the building requires to become a green building, a lab for insolation materials, a lab for tiles and marble testing and a lab for gemstones.



H.E Director General instructed the working team  to  expedite the completion of this important project. The lab provides for the emirate’s audience a package of integrated services in one place, including chemical testing lab, reconnaissance lab, soil and rocks lab, asphalt lab, debris lab, concrete lab and new labs. H.E explained that this vital project provides various advantages for the client so he can have all the services he needs in one place.



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