The best international practices in SAP Company

His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman, stressed that the UAE was able to become one of the most advanced and developed countries in all aspects of life as well as holding the highest positions among advanced countries thanks to using the best modern technologies and moving forward in the path of digital transformation, which will foster development. This came during a field visit by His Highness to the SAP Company accompanied by His Excellency Abdul Rahman Mohamed Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Department, executive directors and a number of administrations’ directors and officials of the Department.

His Highness said that the Municipality Department supports all companies interested in digital transformation and seek to framing joint collaboration and mainstreaming mutual coordination that benefit everyone, explaining that the senior leaderships of the Department considered organizing this visit to be briefed on the best practices of using digital transformation followed by the company, which is one of the most important and well-known companies in this field.

His Highness said that the Department made significant strides in the digital transformation field and was able to pass several phases and face many challenges to make the effect of the transformation a concrete reality for everyone as it contributed in saving a lot of time and effort, in addition to enhancing customers’ experience and raising their satisfaction rate for the services provided by the Department as well as putting a smile on their faces and ensuring their absolute satisfaction.

His Highness explained that the Department aspires to achieve the best in the digital transformation field, therefor the Departments works constantly and tirelessly on turning outstanding ideas in all aspects of life into a concrete reality, in addition to attracting modern technologies and exchanging experiences with all concerned bodies in this field and learning outstanding experiences and models, which enhance the work progress and development positively.

His Highness and the presence was briefed during the visit on the means and methodologies followed by the SAP Company in cities’ management, in addition to roads management through advanced controlling systems. The company officials presented to His Highness the methods of waste management and the best practices followed to drain rainwater. As the presentation included an effective discussion between the two parties on developing smart services by applying best practices to ensure the satisfaction of the customer.

His Highness checked the smart meetings room in the Company, which provides instant data on the status and projects of the company to enable officials and decision makers to make timely and immediate decisions based on the data directly and analyze them promptly, which will accelerate positive work and ensure achieving best results. In addition, His Highness praised the ideas designing lab in the Company, which depends on harnessing unique ideas to find solutions for all challenges to ensure the development of innovative and suitable solutions for everyone, pointing out that these practices and methodologies are ideal means, which must be utilized and harnessed in developing innovative solutions for challenges and creative means in providing the services.

At the conclusion of the visit, His Highness praised the SAP Company for its leading role in the digital transformation field and presenting several distinctive industries, stressing on the necessity to document the cooperation between the two parties to exchange experiences and expertise that shall benefit everyone.





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11/10/2017 2:50:59 PM

SAP are the best at digital transformation!

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