Standing Committee for Urban Development, Infrastructure and Environment in Ajman discusses Eco-Friendly Vehicles Project

 September 12, 2019

In its seventh meeting of 2019, the Standing Committee for Urban Development, Infrastructure and Environment of Ajman Executive Council discussed the eco- friendly vehicles project, which is an important issue that casts a shadow on all aspects of life in the Emirate.


During his meeting with the members of the Committee, the Chairman of the Committee, Abdul Rahman Mohammad Al Nuaimi, asserted that we seek to create an attractive city for residents and visitors worldwide by providing an ideal environment that maintains a pure atmosphere in the Emirate. Therefore, we intensify our efforts to support projects that achieve our goals, including eco- friendly vehicles project, which has many environmental and economic advantages.


During the regular meeting of the Committee held at the office of HE Abdul Rahman Al Nuaimi at the Municipality and Planning Department, the members reviewed the results of the project and discussed the extent of its adoption by departments and government agencies, as well as prominent challenges and solutions that accelerate the full implementation of the project.


The meeting addressed the objectives of studying the transport and communications master plan of Ajman, which includes scenarios to improve the existing bus network lines on stages. This includes the stage of opening two lines from the new bus station and extending the existing lines and the stage of adding bus stops on the lines currently operating. In addition, there is a need to make changes in public transport policy.


The meeting tackled many ideas supporting the completion of the project, including the option of monorail system, as alternatives that support long-term public transport in the Emirate of Ajman, as well as maritime transport as an attractive means of transport for tourists.

His Excellency discussed with the members Ajman Municipality and Planning Department projects in Masfout and its efforts in Masfout Oasis, Masfoot Walkway, Al Jazeer Park and Sawyer Reserve, all of which are tourist resorts of a heritage nature that must be preserved along with the desired development.

At the end of the meeting, Al Nuaimi commended the efforts of the members in following up the decisions and recommendations of the meetings of the committee. He affirmed the importance of implementing the recommendations in the upcoming period.





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