Rashid bin Humaid’s Ramadan Council begins its first sessions about Zayed’s Courtyard and his Mind

Ajman- May 13th 2019


HH Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Ajman Municipality and Planning Department, emphasized that the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan " May He Rest in Peace", and his efforts with Their Highness-es the Rulers of the UAE to establish the United Arab Emirates, agitate the pride and honor in each citizen to advance our collective powers and efforts for the sake of our nation's uplift and global distinction.


HH stressed that Sheikh Zayed, may Allah's mercy fall upon him, held the name of the UAE in the international forums, and his name accompanied the good of doings. The  approach is credited to Shaikh Zayed, after Allah, where the   Emiratis, sons of Zayed,  are characterized with doing the greater good and having the good reputation. This approach represents UAE's ethical, valuable and humanitarian achievements which is the base of the soft power of the UAE and its people, the base of its value system being centered on man as the foundation of civilization, the most precious treasure of the UAE and the cornerstone of building a modern state fortified with values of originality and modernity. Sheikh Zayed was keen to achieve the citizen's happiness and improve the standard of living, health, education and housing, and the immediate processing of any failure in the service from anyone to the citizens, as he believes that the need of the citizen should not be postponed and should be met immediately. Sheikh Rashid Al Nuaimi added that our rulers are following this approach and that every official in the UAE is required to comply with this policy and to exert every effort to realize it. He also praised the duties of every citizen and their responsibility to maintain the reputation of the UAE personality inside and outside the UAE, which reflects our ethics as Arabs and Muslims and derived from our religion that calls for tolerance.


This came during the inauguration of His Highness's first session of the Council of Ramadan, which was held on Sunday in the presence of Sheikhs and senior officials in the Emirate of Ajman, where they listened to a lecture entitled «In Zayed's Courtyard and His Mind», conducted by UAE media personality Mohammed Al Kaabi, during which the lecturer Dr. Sultan Mohammed Al Nuaimi talked about shaikh Zayed in regards to his qualities of leadership and real practices. In the second axis, he talked about "Zayed's vision.. from dream to real". Then Dr Sultan moved into the third axis which is “The soft power in Zayed’s Mind ... global reflection”  Dr Sultan said that what was achieved in the UAE was not improvised, but it was built on thoughts and applications that are reflected in today's phrase "Sons of Zayed". This is the essence of the interdependence that exists between us now, and has profound moral implications to ensure its transfer to future generations. Zayed's legacy .. continuance of a homeland and people. "


Dr. Sultan Mohammed Al Nuaimi is an academic and researcher in the Iranian affairs and a faculty member at Abu Dhabi University. He has many articles in a number of Arab newspapers, such as Asharq Al-Awsat and Al-Ittihad.


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