“Rashid bin Humaid’s Council” discusses the crucial role of family, and the importance of maintaining customs and traditions while keeping up with modern developments

Ajman, May 16, 2019

His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Ajman Municipality and Planning Department, stressed the importance of parents instilling good values in their children and setting a good example for them by constructing the ideal family image in the minds of their children which will encourage them to get married in the future and establish families of their own that preserve our Emirati identity and passes on our cultural heritage, as well as emphasizes the good values and traditions we learned from the late Zayed.

Rashid Al Nuaimi called for facilitating marriage and minimizing its financial burden. He also gave examples of citizens who made the decision to discard expensive social pretenses and chose to make their sons and daughters happy.

His Highness highlighted the burdens borne by the country as a result of social practices that did not exist previously in the Emirati society. He also called for solidarity and the importance of serving the country's best interest by ensuring the happiness of families, as the foundation of the Emirati society, and preserving its values. He stated that safety, stability and good government support, should urge everyone to do their best to serve their community and nation.

His Highness’s speech came on the sidelines of a lecture entitled “Important variables that help with understanding the current reality of the Emirati family” that was delivered by Dr. Abdul Aziz Mohammed Al Hammadi during the second session of the “Rashid Bin Humaid’s Ramadan Council”, which was held on Wednesday in the presence of a number of Sheikhs and senior officials from the Emirate of Ajman.

Family Leadership

During his lecture, Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Hammadi introduced the concept of the "Family leadership" and presented some fundamentals that ensure its success. Family leadership emerges when families take leading roles that influence their surroundings and keep up with modern developments while maintaining firm values and traditions.

The lecturer also pointed out that any developments that do not focus on protecting the family are incomplete developments, regardless of their revenues. He also referred to the negative impact of spreading misleading statistics on issues of major concern to the Emirati community, such as divorce rates, which were exaggerated by the media. He urged the media to investigate the accuracy of such claims before spreading them. He pointed out that the most important challenges facing the Emirati family is not the issue of divorce, as raised by the media, but the reluctance of young people to get married, and tendency for women to marry at a later age. These issues appeared recently in the Emirati society and they did not exist previously. He urged parents to responsibly fulfil their primary role, and addressing any issues, in order to  bring up a generation capable of taking responsibility.

Dr. Abdul Aziz Mohammed Al Hammadi is the Director of the Family Cohesion Department at the Community Development Authority in Dubai, and a board member at the Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation. He is a Doctor and Academic Professor, and a member of the foster families committee in Dubai. He previously served as head of the Family Reform Department at the Dubai Courts. He is also the creator of a family program entitled “Al Usra” on Sharjah TV. Dr. Abdul Aziz Mohammed Al Hammadi is a preacher and lecturer and spokesman who is passionate about various matters concerning the Emirati family.


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