Programme in Procurement and Stores for Finance

Ajman Municipality and Planning Department has concluded the Procurement Training Diploma programme for Finance Officers, held in Fairmont Ajman, which came as a part of its training plan that has aligned with the governmental system, and aimed at qualifying and training citizens working in the Public Sector. The programme was designed to get the citizens acquainted with the basics of Procurement and Stores system, and has been pursued in conjunction with Al Shehana Training Center & Career Development. Over five days, citizens received 25 hours of continuing education accredited by the Directorate of Human Resources in Ajman Municipality, under which the trainees received the Vocational Diploma in Procurement and Stores.


The Procurement and Stores Vocational Diploma programme was organized under the guidance of His Highness Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, the Chairman of Ajman Municipality and Planning Department and the Chairman of Happiness and Positivity Council; Abdul-Rahman Mohamed Al Nuaimi, the Director-General of Ajman, with the goal of empowering Ajman staff in all fields and qualifying them to be up to the challenge in various fields related to municipal work locally, regionally, and globally.


The programme provides participants with vocational and practical training about the concept of warehouses, procurement, and stores management. Additionally, it provides knowledge on methods of dealing with suppliers, contractors, and commercial contracts of any type, as well as means of communications and collaboration between suppliers and the Municipality. Moreover, the programme covered other points related to finance, especially commercial contracts that govern all financial transactions with the Municipality. Additionally, system of procurement, business correspondence, negotiations, contracting, arbitration, and central stores have been identified in accordance with the statutes and laws of United Arab Emirates.

Khaled Ahmed Al Hosani, the Executive Director of Ajman’s Support Services Sector, emphasized that these programmes were held under guidance of the leadership; in order for the Directorate of Human Resources to empower staff vocationally in all fields under the Municipality’s jurisdiction. His Highness made it clear that the Municipality has started mid-year to hold these programmes seeking to qualify its human resources, especially supervisory leaders of various programmes, with the aim of enhancing their abilities and enabling them to cope with developments of the modern world in Finance and Procurement Sector. In this context, His Highness has acknowledged the efforts exerted by Al Shehana Center in collaboration with the Municipality. Furthermore, His Highness expressed his appreciation to the participating staff in these training programmes, which the Municipality will pursue on holding throughout the year for different job families on the long-term.


His Highness, Ahmed Mohamed Al Ali, the Director of Human Resources Directorate, has stated the Municipality’s aspirations that include empowering all human resources vocationally in the private sectors. In addition, His Highness hoped that the participants could achieve their desired goals, through which citizens as a part of human resources can occupy highest positions by being empowered vocationally and professionally. Last, His Highness has paid a tribute to the Training Center and its technical expertise in this domain.



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